Denoising Video Footage

So, today I tried blender for denoising my video footage by passing the video clip by the denoise filter in compositor but it seems to have no effect on the video. So, I’d like to if there’s any way to remove noise from a video footage or if there’s any plans to bring such features?
Thanks Blender Community!

The Denoising Node was only trained to work with Monte Carlo noise created by ray tracing. It won’t work with other types of noise, so you can’t just put in a video you shot on your phone in low light conditions and get a cleaner result, for example. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you did make a video by rendering a CG scene in Cycles, another thing to note: At this point, there isn’t any temporal cohesion, which means it only considers one image at a time. For video it has to take into account the surrounding frames. The creators have said that they are working on this.

Hope that helps clear things up :hugs:


Thanks for the response! I hope blender have this feature soon.