Active Collection Hidden

Hi guys,
I’m really happy of the new collection system inside Blender 2.80, but sometimes I have some small problems with both scripting and modelling/importing when the active collection is hidden.
The issue is that added or imported objects are by default added to the active collection, but if that collection is hidden, then you can’t see or edit the objects (many times I have to turn around that while scripting).
Is it possible to prevent hiding active collection or automatically set a new active collection to a different one if the active collection is hidden? For istance, in Rhinoceros you cannot hide the active layer.


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This is odd indeed. Also mentioned here: Things that need some improvments! (point 2)
Two possible solutions:

  • In the moment the user hides the active collection, the scene/master collection could be made active.
  • If the user adds an object to a hidden collection, it could automatically unhide to reveal the newly added object.

I’m not sure though if that would break someone else’s workflow.

What determines the active collection in general seems flawed to me. The only way to make a collection active that I know of is via the Outliner, by clicking on on a collection. Clicking on a child object does not change the active collection, which is counter-intuitive in my opinion. Does this actually serve a purpose?