Things that need some improvments!

Hi there,

I have tested blender 2.8. And as I mentioned in title it needs some improvements.
There are few things that MUST be changed or improved I think.

  1. Local view
    Ability to add objects in local view when you are already in local view. My solution: when you are in local view and you want to add more objects just go into outliner, right click on object, in drop-down list you can press button “add to local view”.
    Since background images were replaced by empty objects, now they treat like objects. And if you want if you want to go in local view you must select all empty background objects EVERY time. This is not fun. Maybe it is good idea to add button “always display in local view” for similar cases.

  2. New objects always must appear in scene collection. It is awkward when you add object to hidden collection and then you must unhide everything to find your object. It is easier and faster to move new object in collection rather then making a collection active all the time.

  3. After making some operations like bevel you can change some settings in operation panel. This panel is located to the right of the tools panel. For me it’s looking weird and takes more space on the screen. I think operator panel needs to be moved under tools panel. What do you think?

  4. In 2.8 collections replaced layers. I like this change. But I think the old shortcuts for switching between layers (1, 2, 3, etc) should be changed for switching before workspaces.

  5. Keep gizmos visible when select tool is active. I don’t find it useful to select gizmo as tool and left click just activate drag or scale or rotate. I think gizmo shouldnt be a separate tool at all. It should appear when you select something. Like it was in previous versions.

  6. In shader editor there is a drop-down list to change between object shader and world shader. Please, return back buttons like it was in 2.79. It was faster.

  7. And the very last thing is undo system. It is DEAD. Just return to older version or make undo per-datablock. (I saw some discussions. I think this is good idea.)

So, That’s all about my suggestions. What do you think?

P.S. sorry for my broken english)


If you mean move it to the tool settings in the properties editor, then yeah… That’s all I want… :slight_smile:

There’s a “dead” task for it tho… lol…

  1. a) I expect local view to be as basic as possible. What is in local view is what was selected. That is simple and that works. If you are ready to go into outliner to add objects, you are probably ready to make a specific collection or a specific viewlayer. Because I don’t understand why it would be faster that way than go out local view, completing selection with missing objects in global view and go back to local view.
    b ) There are already Display Orthographic and Display Perspective options in Background Image Empties propeties. That is legitimate to add a third one Display Local View.
    Reference Image is clearly an helper for modeler. If he focuses on meshes, it is really annoying to forgot reference image, each time, he enters into local view.

  2. I agree that object newly added should show up. But I disagree that it should be added to scene collection. I think that it should be added to active collection if it is visible or first visible collection of active object. You generally add a primitive to complete the object you are working on.
    That way, we should avoid hiding weird behavior and avoid to move object to collection too many times.

  3. +1000. Resizing of panel is problematic. But as a unique panel in a new Tab, I think it would make sense. I really would like to have it at right side of my window

  4. Currently, 1,2,3,etc are used for collection in Object Mode.
    If you go into Edit Mode, 1,2,3 are used for Select modes.
    That would be conflicting with Edit mode shortcuts that have been requested by many users.
    But that is just a preference. Shortcuts are customizable. You can change them if you need this.

  5. That is a frequent request. But it looks more like a technical problem that anything else.

  6. I liked them, too. Exposing names for discoverability is a design rule that already have exceptions.
    In header of outliner or in 3DView’s header for display modes.