2024-1-30 User Interface Meeting

User Interface Module Meeting

Regular User Interface module meeting for planning and coordination. Last meeting was January 16, next meeting on February 13.


  • Julian Eisel
  • Brecht Van Lommel
  • Pablo Vazquez
  • Hans Goudey
  • Thomas Dinges
  • Harley Acheson

Merged Since Last Meeting

New Review Items

4.1 Review Targets (Feb 7)?

In Review


Other Discussion

  • User Interface Guidelines needs work
  • We need an icon for “face corner” and probably unselected (open) camera
  • Remove Blender logo from the alert icons
    • Done
  • Renaming of “Orphan” to “Unused”
  • Weekly meetings, alternating regular module meetings and design work
  • Better Date format for meeting title

Demos and Experiments


Hello, thank you so much @Harleya for taking care of finally pushing “Outliner double click” into Blender, a dream come true!

I wanted to ask something about this, I wrote this in the pull request months ago but AFAIK nobody read it or considered it:
Since I’d like this feature to be more immediate, I tried to change in the keymap the operator to be from dbl-click to single click. The problem is that this creates conflict with the other selection operators of the outliner which are also single click, resulting in hierarchy selection not working (See video attached). One “solution” I found was to disable the select operator, that way all the hierarchy selections work, but now I lost the ability to select by clicking on names in the outliner.

Would be possible to make this feature so that if we want to change it from dbl-click to single click, doesn’t create conflict with the other regular selections, having the best from both worlds?


@slowk1d hi, I see think won’t work due to key conflicts (which are not considered as bug AFAIK). One way to fix this would be (from code side) to remove new selection keymap for recursive selection. Include “recurse” property in existing outliner selection key-items. Then this would work. But then there won’t be freedom of choosing different keys for selection and recursive selection.

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Hey Pratik, yeah obviosuly I know this can’t be considered a bug. It’s a request, more of a hope, of implementing this in the code without knowing anything about the feasibility of it :sweat_smile:.
This feature is already great as it is, and my request is super personal and extremely related to my own workflow. Thanks for the reply, if there will be a patch around for implementing my request, I’ll be more than happy to test it!

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Note that all the real work on that PR was by M. Grady Saunders and Pratik Borhade. I just kicked it a couple times.


dang. i actually liked the blue. it was easy to spot :expressionless:

why this is not getting proper advertising?
this is superb. it deserves a feedback thread here.
also would be nice if we could drag it from the “editor selector” button. makes more sense imo.