2020-11-04 - User Interface

Present: Brecht Van Lommel, Hans Goudey, Julian Eisel, Pablo Vazquez, Nathan Craddock

2.91 Release

  • Everything is going normal.
  • Only a few bugs are left on the To-Do.

2.92 Release

  • Line Art review
    • Overall the design has moved in a good direction.
    • Some layout cleanup will be needed.
    • Many settings currently in the scene should be moved to the modifier.
    • Hans is going to communicate further issues in the review.
    • Hans and Pablo are both going to play with the branch some more, to see if there are more things to address.

General Design Review and Tasks

  • Devtalk feedback threads:
  • Directional box selection patch:
    • Should rather be a Preferences option than a per-tool option. There doesn’t seem much need to toggle this often.
    • Could be a checkbox (directional-dragging on/off) or a dropdown with the 3 options (might be more descriptive).
    • A shortcut to toggle the behavior during modal execution is also an option.
    • Nathan is going to communicate further issues in the review.
  • Collection colors issues with contrast in light themes.
    • Nathan will make a patch, can be done as 2.91 fix.
  • Human Interface Guidelines:
    • Hans, Julian and Nathan did a session on the Writing Style and Tooltips pages.
    • The meeting reviewed the changes on the Writing Style page.
      • There was some discussion and tweaking of its contents.
      • The page seems to be “done” now.
  • Asset Browser status update:
    • Julian is currently creating a pose library prototype
    • Together with David Drayton, he started work on a design overview for communication and signing off.
    • Julian wants to get milestone 1 ready for more focused implementation work so it can be made a release target soon.
    • There is an own Asset Browser project page now, and a workboard for milestone 1, organized in a Scrum sprint fashion.

Next Meeting: 2020-11-11 (next Wednesday), same time.