2020-10-21 - UI-Team

Present: Brecht Van Lommel, Campbell Barton, Hans Goudey, Julian Eisel, Pablo Vazquez


  • There was some conversation about dissatisfaction with past UI team process for implementing new features.
  • Over and over the team reconfirms the necity of the following:
    • Fewer projects, more focus
    • Weekly meetings
    • Get stackeholders more involved
    • Merge features early as experimental features, for testing and feedback
    • Regular review sessions
    • Establish guidelines for us and other modules (Human Interface Guidelines project)
  • ToDo: List sub-areas to document on Wiki (see module meeting notes)
    • Hans will make an initial list

2.91 Targets

  • Outliner
    • The team chose to wait for the next version to commit the final features from GSoC (see T77408). There needs to be more time for testing and feedback.
    • “Postmortem” evaluation:
      • Maybe it was a bit too much to set both, this and Properties Search as 2.91 target. Getting such projects merged takes much more than just code review, taking time from other things (e.g. Asset Browser in this case).
      • The outcome is great though, Nathan mangaged it very professionaly.
  • Properties Search
    • Remaining patches (multi-tab search and restoring opened/collapsed panel states after searching) were merged. Fuzzy search won’t make it for the release.
    • “Postmortem” evaluation:
      • One issue was the original design wasn’t properly validated, so there was some time wasted pursuing a version that wasn’t final.
      • Overall though, the team is happy with the outcome for 2.91.
  • Team agrees on changing File Browser increment/decrement icon order back to ‘-’ before ‘+’.

2.92 Targets

  • Brush workflow
    • No one on the UI team currently has the capacity to seriously work on this issue.
    • In light of this it’s not clear what scope of this project is possible to manage for 2.92.
    • Julian will organize a meeting with the sculpt and grease pencil teams to discuss this.
  • Line-art
    • Review design changes, but keep involvement minimal.

General Design Review and Tasks

  • Hans and Julian did another patch review session (reviewed 5 + general review discussion).
  • Two left-over tasks from Tuesday module meetings for Pablo:
    • Collect the proposed shortcut changes and run by the Studio.
    • Check with Pablico the best way to handle Fake-Users for appended actions.
    • These are general tasks, not high-priority projects. Pablo can bring them up anytime if he sees need.
  • Add a dialog box to Load Factory Preferences (D6522)
    • There were no objections and the patch looks good on a design level.

Next Meeting: 2020-10-28 (next Wednesday), same time.


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Thanks for all the efforts. Blender UI really shine, it is a real joy to use it now :slight_smile:
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