2020-09-29 - Tuesday Talks - Module Meetings

Tuesday Talks

Notes for module meetings of Tuesday, 29 September 2020.
Present: Dalai Felinto (all)

General Topics

  • Last week review


Participant: Campbell Barton.

  • Status
    • 80 bugs, 0 high priority, 5 unclassified
    • >20 patches
  • Volumetric extrude
    • Campbell discussed with Germano and this is not trivial.
    • Focus still is reviewing.
  • Follow ups:
    • ☐ Still need to involve Germano in patch review.

Python & Add-ons

Participant: Campbell Barton.

  • Status
    • 25 bugs, 0 high priority, 0 unclassified
    • 3 patches
  • Last week review
    • Campbell went over the patches and are mostly fine.
    • The exception is a py-node patch that he wouldn’t review, and seems not to be agreed on.
    • That patch should be closed.

Render & Cycles

Meeting will be foregone to give room for the first render + eevee + viewport meeting.

User Interface

Participant: Julian Eisel.

  • Status
    • 118 bugs, 0 high priority, 27 unclassified
    • 185 patches
  • Last week review:
    • ☐ Usermapping of poselibs (Julian). – In progress, see meeting notes.
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Final review of D8413 (Julian).
  • Asset Brower:
    • Will wrap up the 2nd sprint (local asset browser and custom repositories).
    • Plan to merge after 2nd sprint as WIP experimental feature.
    • Poselib prototype starts after that, as part of a 3rd sprint.
  • Icons (for sculpting) status
    • Hans is reviewing community contributions.
  • Human Interface Guidelines:
    • Are being worked on some more.
    • Hope is to get them ready for general usage soon.
  • Follow ups:
    • ☐ Still collect the proposed shortcut changes and run by the Studio (Pablo).
    • ☐ Still check with Pablico the best way to handle FakeUsers for appended actions (Pablo).
    • ☐ Next delivery of asset browser.
    • ☐ Try to get contributors more involved with module work (patch review, bug tracker, etc.).

Sculpt, Paint, Texture

Participant: Pablo Dobarro.

  • Status
    • 47 bugs, 3 high priority, 24 unclassified
    • 13 patches
  • Last week review:
  • Icons - task hasn’t even been updated
    • Only 7 icons there, while Blender has more than that.
  • Pablo Dobarro’s AMD graphic card status
    • Pablo can reproduce the performance issue that Julian has.
    • There are other performance issues on that computer regardless of that.
  • Sculpt Mode performance is the main focus.
    • It would be nice to have high frequency events on Windows in order to test the results of the performance projects.
  • Follow ups:
    • ☐ Validate with Ton the priority for professional workstations (Dalai).
    • ☐ Still Sergey to look still into skeleton for removal of Simple Subdivide (Pablo).
    • ☐ Prioritize the review of the high frequency inputs for Windows - ask Campbell to review (Pablo).
    • ☐ Check with Hans whos icons will make into Blender, and contact the artist to involve them before the tools are sent for review (Pablo).

Animation & Rigging

Participants: Sybren Stüvel and Sebastian Parborg.

  • Status
    • 16 bugs, 0 high priority, 1 unclassified
    • 23 patches
  • Reviews & bugfixing is ongoing.
  • Sybren to be more involved in the animation module
  • A lot of patches are coming in, opportunity to onboard new module members.
  • Patch review:
    • Use module as “Blocker reviewer” more often, start with the Animation module and see if we can reinforce this for all modules.
  • Follow ups:
    • ☐ Organize some “epics” for upcoming animation roadmap (Sybren).
    • ☐ Onboard new members to help the module development (Sebastian).

Nodes & Physics

Participants: Sebastián Barschkis, Sebastian Parborg and Jacques Lucke.

  • Status
    • 89 bugs, 0 high priority, 10 unclassified
    • 2 patches
  • Last week review:
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Get a final approval from Studio on the rigid body (Sebastian Parborg).
    • ☐ Send Studio presentation to Jacques Lucke (Sebastián).
  • Geometry nodes project
    • Sebbas to stat with a hair modifier to get famiilar with the new system.
    • Dalai and Jeroen will talk about the specifics of the scrum and present to the team next week.

VFX & Video

Participants: Sergey Sharybin, Richard Antalík, Francesco Siddi.

  • Status
    • 44 bugs, 0 high priority, 4 unclassified
    • >0 patches
  • Last week review
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Update module roadmap (Sergey).
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Pushed already approved patch(Sergey)
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Performance need to show in release log (Sergey).
  • VSE
    • Media transformation on review.
    • Team is struggling with allocating time for the project - needs help prioritizing this.
  • Brown-Conrady distortion
    • Scheduled for 2.91
  • Follow ups:
    • Sergey will still help with faster scale-down algorithm than IMB_scalefastImBuf
    • ☐ Final sign off on view transform documentation (Sergey)
    • ☐ Figure out how to allocate more time for this project. (Dalai)

EEVEE & Viewport

Meeting will be foregone to give room for the first render + eevee + viewport meeting.

Data, Assets & I/O

Participant: Sybren Stüvel.
Meeting focus was only on USD

  • Status
    • - bugs, - high priority, - unclassified
    • - patches
  • USD:
    • New task to organize the USD importer
    • Michael Kowalski is working on the importer.
    • Work will be shared soon on the upcoming usd-importer-T81257 branch.
  • Alembic
    • Daniel Bystedt did some tests with custom properties imported to Maya & Houdini, and things are working fine.
    • For the record, Maya supports fewer property types than Houdini.
    • Test files will be incorporated to the release logs (Sybren)

Grease Pencil

Participant: Antonio Vazquez.

  • Status
    • 10 bugs, 1 high priority, 4 unclassified
    • 5 patches
    • High priority issue needs help from Clément
  • Last week review:
    • Matias Mendiola is working in SVG test,
    • Antonio has requested videos from Daniel Lara for Holdout and Trace.
  • New tasks for 2.92 were created
  • Follow up:
    • ☐ Check again with Matias to review the SVG add-on (Antonio)
    • ☐ Get videos to finalize documentation for tracer and holdout (Antonio).
    • ☐ Still update the module roadmap image.
    • Look at libraries to support SVG directly (e.g., resvg) (Antonio)

For those involved in the Tuesday Talks, I have made a little Greasemonkey script that makes it easier to count the open patches: stuvel.eu/post/2020-09-29-greasemonkey-phabricator-list-count/