2020-10-14 - UI-Team

Present: Brecht Van Lommel, Campbell Barton, Julian Eisel, Nathan Craddock, Pablo Vazquez


2.91 Targets

  • Bcon3 starts next Wednesday.
  • Properties search:
    • Evaluate current design, if we still want to do changes it has to happen now.
    • Pablo is going to open a task for possible tweaks.
  • Data-block selector design changes (D8554):
    • Mostly done, some monkey work is left and we can keep fine-tuning things.
    • However: Julian doesn’t have much time for this and Bcon3 is too close.
      -> Will be moved to 2.92. It’s not unimportant, but not a high priority either.

2.9x Roadmap

  • Root issue of many of the UI team’s struggles is the big amount of projects that need involvement.
    • The team reconfirms: We need to be more wary about which projects we pick up.
    • Focus more on fewer projects. Avoid having only one person responsible for bigger ones.
  • There will always be incoming patches from contributors.
    • Reviewing small changes is regular work. Bigger ones we should be more picky about.
  • Try to get contributors more involved with the current roadmap (already mentioned last meeting).
    • For each project, create a list of tasks for contributers to pick up.
    • Julian will create one for the asset browser.
    • Discuss with regular contributors how they could help out.
  • Nathan is available for more involvement.
    • He could help out with brush system UI changes later. Tools or Asset Browser are an option too.
    • More short-term, he agreed on helping out on the directional box selection patch (D9180)
  • Often other modules need UI team involvement (e.g. animation channel list redesign).
    • Each case is different, we have to discuss them with the other module.
    • If we don’t have the resources for a project, discuss with them if they can put it aside for now.
    • Or: Ask them to do most design and implementation work and the UI team only reviews things.
  • Redesigning the keymap editing UI (T68884) will not be a 2.9x project.
    • Everyone agrees it is in a bad state, but we simply can’t give it enough attention currently.
    • Smaller changes may still be done (e.g. simple conflict detection).

General Design Review

  • File Browser tooltips (D9172)
    • Meeting agrees on moving this into a sidebar panel.
  • Similar: Tooltips in recent files list (D9028)
    -> Seems fine since this adds context you don’t have outside of the File Browser.

Next Meeting: 2020-10-21 (next Wednesday), same time.