2020-10-07 - UI Team

Present: Brecht Van Lommel, Campbell Barton, Hans Goudey, Julian Eisel, Pablo Vazquez

2.91 Release Targets

  • Missing icons:
    • Some icons are ready (D8875, D8963), Pablo will do a review pass.
    • Some more icons are missing or need changes.
    • Communication with the sculpt team still has to be improved.
  • UI/Image Editor Popover
    • Design changes were requested, should be simple to address.
  • Properties Search
    • Follow-up process is going fine.
    • Julian and Hans did a patch review session and patches get into master one by one.
  • Outliner GSoC
    • Most patches are in. Missing: Properties Editor syncing (D8638), “New Collection” changes (D8648), custom object sorting (D8646).
    • Some of them may still make it for 2.91.
  • Most other targets are doing fine, nothing worth mentioning.

2.9x Roadmap

  • We’ll do a separate meeting to define targets in the vein of “wrapping up the 2.8 project”.
  • Overall the team reconfirms that idea, and that the brush and tool system workflow are a part of this.
  • Julien Kaspar gave a presentation about remaining issues with the tool system design.
  • Would be nice if we could get contributors aligned with these goals.

Other Topics

  • Patch Review:
    • There’s a constant stream of incoming UI patches. Last week 15 were reviewed, yet the number of open patches increased from 185 to 193 in 6 days.
    • Current plan of attack: Regular patch review sessions. These are quite effective.
    • Julian will try to do these weekly with either Campbell or Hans (alternating).
  • Human Interface Guidelines:
    • Some more work was done on them. They are slowly getting into a more presentable state.
    • Guideline discussions on developer.blender.org tend to get stuck. Enforce a narrow focus for each task to avoid that.
    • We should never expect people to know all the guidelines. They should help us guiding, not blaming.
  • Transparency:
    • Julian proposed recording (some) meetings, to share insights and make the process more transparent.
    • Concern was that this could end up being a burden.
    • Alternative ideas: Livestream a meeting, patch review sessions or similar? Pablo is available to organize this.

Next meeting: Next Wednesday, same time.