2020-09-08 - Tuesday Talks - Modules Meetings

Tuesday Talks

Notes for module meetings of Tuesday, 8 September 2020.
Present: Dalai Felinto (all)

General Topics

User Interface

Participants: Julian Eisel, Pablo Vazquez.

  • Status
    • 104 bugs, 1 high priority, 49 unclassified
    • Ca 170 patches
  • Last week review
    • No issue was classified.
    • The focus was classified as known issue.
  • Properties search
    • It is ready for review.
    • The design needs to be signed off.
  • Google Summer of Code
    • Custom menu may be fine (as per Campbell according to Julian)
    • Outliner work is being reviewed.
  • Asset browser
    • Test builds available.
    • Next step:
      • Supporting multiple custom repositories.
      • Drag to create local assets.
  • Followups:
    :ballot_box_with_check: Classify 20 issues this week.
    :ballot_box_with_check: Update roadmap image.
    :ballot_box_with_check: Patch review discussion for other week.
    ☐ Get approval for the search property.


Participants: Campbell Barton.

  • Status
    • 77 bugs, 1 high priority, 9 unclassified
    • 22 patches
  • Last week review
  • Fast mesh editing
    • The (new) goal is to allow basic mesh editing in high poly objects (superior than the original goal of 2.7 performance).
    • The plan is still the same, to avoid redudant calculations.
  • Followups:
    ☐ High priority bug assigned to Campbell.
    ☐ Meeting about snap future
    - With Campbell, Dalai, Daniel and Germano.
    - Proposal Thursday Sep 8, 14h CEST.
    - Campbell will confirm with everyone.

Python & Add-ons

Participants: Campbell Barton.

  • Status
    • 39 bugs, 1 high priority, 0 unclassified
    • 5 patches
  • Last week review
    • Issues classifed.
  • Followups:
    ☐ Remove Addons Community from Python module queries.
    ☐ “Close” 10 bugs (move to known issue, untag or fix it).

Render & Cycles

Participants: Brecht Van Lommel

  • Status
    • 93 bugs, 2 high priority, 17 unclassified
    • > 50 patches
  • A few things under active development, Brecht will review:
    • Cycles API patches
    • Attributes rendering
    • NanoVDB
    • Principled emission strength
  • Recruiting
    • Cycles needs more involved developers (Brecht is splitting his time with the Chief Architect duties).
    • The team will scout potential candidates to help reviewing patches, bug fixes and small projects.
  • Followups:
    ☐ Still contact AMD regarding driver bugs.
    ☐ Next-next week properly tag Cycles patches.

Sculpt, Paint, Texture

Participants: Pablo Dobarro, Julien Kaspar.

  • Status
    • 40 bugs, 4 high priority, 24 unclassified
  • Last week review
    • ☐ Start the profiling for performance.
    • ☐ Initial design for brush management.
  • Brush management
  • Trimming tools
    • Release notes not ready together with the tool.
  • Icons
    • Issue to be solved - needs contributor to help with icons.
    • At the very least the icons missing task should be update.
    • Features with no icon to be hidden under experimental.
  • Design tasks for the next projects:
  • Followups:
    ☐ New task with profiling findings and reproduceable files and get Sergey to help pinpoint the potential issues.
    ☐ Update on the pending performance tasks with the current state.
    ☐ Mockups for the brush management.
    ☐ Advance data layer discussions.

Animation & Rigging

Participants: Sybren Stüvel, Luciano Muñoz

  • Status
    • 13 bugs, 1 high priority, 5 unclassified
    • 24 patches
  • High priority bug has a patch for it and is under control.
  • Last week review
    • Facemap wasn’t investigated further - postponed for next week.
      • Probably to be removed or hidden.
  • Module is in maintenance mode.
    • The module lacks stackholder developers.
    • Mainly high priority bugs.
    • Patches are still welcome.
    • No future roadmap.
  • Demeter is working on Rigify improvements.
  • Sybren has been cleaning up a bit of ‘Set Parent’ code.
  • Followups:
    :ballot_box_with_check: Be upfront about the module state (maintaince) in the module page. (Sybren)
    ☐ Look at the facemap roadmap/future. (Sybren)

Nodes & Physics

Participants: Brecht Van Lommel, Jacques Lucke, Sebastián Barschkis.

  • Status
    • 97 bugs, 0 high priority, 13 unclassified
    • 3 patches
  • Last week review
    • Liquid simulation GSoC review still ongoing. Still in the agenda.
    • Hair project started plan of attack upcoming
    • Particle design discussions
  • Followups:
    ☐ “Close” 30 bugs (move to known issue, untag or fix it) (10 for Sebastián, 10 for Jacques, 10 for Sebastian).
    ☐ Hair plan of attack pre-presented (Dalai + Sebbas)
    ☐ Softbody GSoC meeting with Brecht and Parborg.
    ☐ Scout artist stakeholders (Sebbas)

VFX & Video

Participants: Sergey Sharybin, Richard Antalík.

  • Status
    • 41 bugs, 1 high priority, 3 unclassified
    • 10 patches
  • Last week review
  • Cache design seems to be agreed on, need to plan actual work. Hopefully Richard can easily do majority of needed modifications easily.
  • Media transform tools patch will be tested/reviewed by Sergey and Francesco
  • Compositor “relative space” code design has been moved to developer.b.o. The code work can start already.
  • On-going discussion how to efficiently tackle Filmic for movie clips in viewport.
  • Need to find a way to make review more efficient (reduce turn-around times, reduce time it takes to commit accepted patches).
  • Followups:
    ☐ Filmic plan of attack: New documentation or stick to bottleneck approach (Dalai and Sergey)
    ☐ Revew code refactor T77580

EEVEE & Viewport

Participants: Clément Foucault, Jeroen Bakker.

  • Status
    • 48 bugs, 7 high priority, 29 unclassified
    • 11 patches
  • Clément to focus on the high priority bugs.
  • “Vulkan”'s goal for 2.91 is reached already.
    • No tangible benefits for users, low level project still for now.
  • Image/UV editor: Patch in review (Jeroen)
  • Testing + Documentation (Jeroen)
    • Adding test cases to the Draw module (Jeroen)
    • Adding test cases to the GPU module (Jeroen)
    • Adding documentation for GPU/Drawing (Jeroen)
  • AOV patch has low priority due to the current issues in master. (Jeroen)
    • The patch needs to be converted to the new EEVEE materials
    • AOV API needs to be streamlined with render/cycles.
  • Followups:
    ☐ Still classify 20 issues. (Clément)
    ☐ Still check with Andy Goralczyk the feature film requirements topics. (Clément)
    ☐ Documentation for color management for the background images in the viewport (Jeroen).
    ☐ Update the module roadmap (Clément).

Data, Assets & I/O - USD/Alembic

Participants: Sybren Stüvel

  • Status
    • 0 bugs, 0 high priority, 0 unclassified
    • 2 (Alembic) and 1 (USD) patches
  • Alembic Object Data Instance support has just landed in master.
  • Alembic custom properties.
  • Followups:
    ☐ Review GSoC fast I/O project see if it should make into 2.91 (Sybren)
    ☐ Find good demo files to promote the “finished” exporter (Sybren)
    ☐ Find how (and whether) to promote the Alembic exporter (Dalai)

Grease Pencil

Participants: Antonio Vazquez.

  • Status
    • 4 bugs, 1 high priority, 9 unclassified
    • 6 patches
  • Classification
    • Some bugs were in a unclear state.
    • Most of them were now tagged as viewport.
  • Main week plan is preparing patch:
    • Material masking (i.e., open holes).
    • Mesh convertion improvements.
  • Waiting for the libraries (potrace and the other).
  • SVG grease pencil add-on sent for review.
  • Crash BLI_polyfill_calc to be fixed (using BLI_polyfill_calc_arena)
  • Followups:
    ☐ Create a new task for the BLI_polyfill_calc. (Antonio)
    ☐ Still update roadmap image to include bezier, and render pass (2.93). (Matias)
    ☐ Next week: design discussion with Brecht about line art and compositing lead to

Remove Addons Community from queries.

Could this be clarified please? Currently it isn’t clear if this refers to

  • The search function inside of Preferences->Addons
  • “F3” search menu
  • Phabricator’s default search parameters
  • Phabricator searches all together

Rephrased to:

☐ Remove Addons Community from Python module queries.

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Thank you @dfelinto :+1:t2:

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