2020-09-15 - Tuesday Talks - Modules Meetings

Tuesday Talks

Notes for module meetings of Tuesday, 15 September 2020.
Present: Sergey Sharybin (all)

General Topics

Render & Cycles

Participants: Brecht Van Lommel.

  • Status
    • 96 bugs, 1 high priority, 18 unclassified
    • > 50 patches
  • Last week review
    • Brecht started looking into AMD bugs
  • Started review:
    • Cycles API patches
    • Attributes rendering
    • Principled emission strength
  • Plan:
    • Keep revieweing patches, get them for 2.91
    • Next week properly tag Cycles patches


Participants: Campbell Barton.

  • Status
    • 77 bugs, 0 high priority, 11 unclassified
    • 24 patches
  • Last week review
    • :ballot_box_with_check: High priority bug assigned to Campbell has been fixed!
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Meeting about snap future
      • There are features Germano plans to work on. The task is coming
  • Follow-ups

Python & Add-ons

Participants: Campbell Barton.

  • Status
    • 29 bugs, 0 high priority, 2 unclassified
    • 5 patches
  • Last week review
    • :ballot_box_with_check: “Close” 10 bugs (move to known issue, untag or fix it)
      • Took more time than expected (fixed 11, closed 2).
      • Some of them were regressions since 2.83, candidate for corrective 2.90 if any
  • Follo-ups
    • ☐ Remove Addons Community from Python module queries (still some work needed)
    • Mainly done for a while

User Interface

Participants: Julian Eisel, Hans Goudey

  • Status
    • 119 bugs, 1 high priority (fix accepted, pending commit), 26 unclassified
    • 181 patches
  • Last week review
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Classify 20 issues this week.
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Update roadmap image.
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Patch review discussion for other week.
  • Asset Browser
  • Properties Search
    • Almost there, some minor things to finish
  • Outliner GSoC
    • 2 of 10 patches are in, 5-6 are ready to go
  • Missing Icons
    • Agreement is to not expose tools without icons
    • Need an icon designer? Hans is coordinating contributions.
  • Bcon2 changes (FModifier layout, Graph Editor active keyframe, data-block selector)
    • Need to confirm all of them are fine
  • Plan of attack for reverting (or not) some of the rushed changes from recent releases.
    • Need Dalai’s input on this.
    • Neither Julian nor Hans can think of topics to be discussed here.
      • Notifications, maybe (moved from center to side)?
  • Followups:
    • ☐ Get approval for the search property.
    • ☐ Julian wants to finish some tasks, get back to assets
    • ☐ Hans needs review of his patches on both user and code level

Sculpt, Paint, Texture

Participants: Pablo Dobarro.

  • Status
    • 42 bugs, 3 high priority, 23 unclassified
  • Last week review
    • ☐ New task with profiling findings and reproduceable files and get Sergey to help pinpoint the potential issues.
      • Performance task T80608, still need to be done
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Update on the pending performance tasks with the current state.
    • ☐ Mockups for the brush management.
      • Pablo is still working
      • Hopefully SVG toolkit with full mocup
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Advance data layer discussions.
      • T80609
  • Workflow with multiple objects
    • Planned for Bcon2
    • Viewpoer patches (related to overlay) need attention from viewport team
  • Sculpting Using EEVEE
    • Need to go through patches, give final quick go-nogo call
  • Stroke Performance
    • Sergey and Brecht will go deep investigation and discussion on Wednesday, with outcome being the plan of attack.
  • Mesh/Grids datalayer management
    • Needs review
  • Tilt Support
    • Works for Pablo’s Wacom tablet. But not sure it is battle-ready yet
    • Keep it experimental, see if it works for many people
  • Fast navigate
    • For now it should be fine
    • In the future it might be that stroke is faster than full redraw (partial updates i.e.)
    • Need review
  • Followups:

Animation & Rigging

Participants: Sybren Stüvel

  • Status
    • 17 bugs, 0 high priority, 8 unclassified
    • 27 patches
  • Last week review
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Be upfront about the module state (maintaince) in the module page 7.
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Look at the facemap roadmap/future. Face Maps needs a developer to move it forward and actually make a proper overall design for it. Should be moved to an experimental feature.
  • Patches Sybren would like in Blender 2.91:
    • D8752: Graph Editor : Fix for f-curves limitation (already landed)
    • D7437: Add Custom Space to Constraints (still lacks simple example, and UI could use polishing/clarification)
    • D8287: Bugfix: NLA: Transition to Meta Strip Incorrect Evaluation (already landed)
    • D8022: Action Constraint: Add manual time factor input control (will simplyify rigs, needs some discussion)
  • Followups
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Add Julian as reviewer to D7437.
    • Hide Face Map UI (mesh properties panel) as an experimental feature.
    • Longer term: have clear design of the face map feature written down.

Nodes & Physics

Participants: Sebastián Barschkis

  • Status
    • 89 bugs, 0 high priority, 11 unclassified
    • N/A patches
  • Last week review
    • ☐ “Close” 30 bugs (move to known issue, untag or fix it) (10 for Sebastián, 10 for Jacques, 10 for Sebastian, did not happen).
    • ☐ Hair plan of attack pre-presented (Dalai + Sebbas, got postponed).
    • ☐ Softbody GSoC meeting with Brecht and Parborg (did not happen).
    • ☐ Scout artist stakeholders (Sebbas. did not happen)
  • Followups
    • Liquid GSoC will be merged soon

VFX & Video

*Participants: Sergey Sharybin, Richard Antalík

  • Status
    • 43 bugs, 1 high priority, 4 unclassified
    • 10 patches
  • Last week review
    • ☐ Filmic plan of attack: New documentation or stick to bottleneck approach (Dalai and Sergey, did not happen :()
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Revew code refactor T77580
  • Initial pass of the refactor review. Simpler approach will be suggested at the meeting. Will be written in the code review (D8492).
  • The cache plan of attack was reviewed by Segrey, seems fine.
  • Follow-up
    • Revierw media trabsform (Sergey and Francesco)
    • Sergey will help with past scale-down algorithm than IMB_scalefastImBuf

EEVEE & Viewport

*Participants: Clément Foucault, Jeroen Bakker

  • Status
    • 45 bugs, 1 high priority, 27 unclassified
    • 10 patches
  • Last week review
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Still classify 20 issues. (Clément)
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Still check with Andy Goralczyk the feature film requirements topics. (Clément)
      • Cryptomatte is what is needed. Need someone to tackle it.
    • ☐ Documentation for color management for the background images in the viewport (Jeroen, slowly happening!).
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Update the module roadmap (Clément).
  • Bug Fixing, Stabilizing
  • Documentation
  • Need decision on whether D2057 goes to 2.91
  • bgl needs to be replaced with pygpu (which needs update)
    • Germano was working on it (D8826)
  • Next weeks is bugfixing and documenting
  • All features planned for 2.91 is already in master

Data, Assets & I/O

Participants: Sybren Stuvel.

Grease Pencil

Participants: ?.

  • Status
    • 8 bugs, 0 high priority, 3 unclassified
    • 5 patches
  • Last week review
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Create a new task for the BLI_polyfill_calc. (Antonio)
    • ☐ Still update roadmap image to include bezier, and render pass (2.93). (Matias)
    • :ballot_box_with_check: Next week: design discussion with Brecht about line art and compositing lead to
  • Still waiting for the libraries (potrace and the other, Ray will commit needed changes to master, platform maintainers will pick it up afterwards
  • For 2.91:
    • Import SVG add-on (on review)
    • Trace images (pending potrace)
    • Holdout material (pending-related to trace)
  • For 2.92:
    • Prepare patch for SVG export/Bezier Curves
    • and Talk about new render passes
  • Line Art is 2.92/2.93
    • Needs to be reviewed
  • Bezier is GSoC code: Matias and Daniel are testing, Falk is working on fixes