2020-06-09 - Blender 2.90 Roadmap

Blender 2.90 Modules Roadmap

Present: Brecht Van Lommel (all), Dalai Felinto (all), William Reynish (UI), Campbell Barton (Modeling + Python), Jeroen Bakker (Sculpt, Paint, Texture), Sybren van Stüvel (Animation & Rigging + Data, Assets & I/O), Sebastián Barschkis (Nodes & Physics), Jacques Lucke (Nodes & Physics), Sergey Sharybin (VFX & Video), Clément Foucault (EEVEE & Viewport), Bastien Montagne (Data, Assets & I/O), Antonio Vazquez (Grease Pencil).

These meetings were intended to check the 2.90 roadmaps of each module. The meetings were per-module and involved the chief architect (Brecht), development coordinator (Dalai) as well as the module owner and eventually other module members.

Following is the per-module 2.90 targets breakdown. Besides the project targets there are still bugs that will be scheduled for 2.90.

User Interface

  • Modifiers new layout / drag & drop
    • Constraints (bones and objects)
  • Statistics:
    • Need final decision.
    • Second part pending review.
  • Search properties
    • Re-scheduled for 2.91.
  • Cursors (and tools) final design.


  • Fast mesh editing T73360 (not the entire milestone)
    • Skip EditMesh to Mesh Conversion.
    • Start the Minimize GPU Transfer Overhead.
  • UV Editing polishing.
  • Add Object Tool polishing.
  • Polishing other tools.

Python & Add-ons

  • No API breakage.
  • No planned changes for the Text editor for the foreseeable future.

Sculpt, Paint, Texture

Animation & Rigging

  • Performance and bug fixing.

Nodes & Physics

  • Particles nodes as experimental feature - won’t be production ready
  • Initial point cloud support
  • OpenVDB integration with mantaflow
  • Mantaflow usability polishing

VFX & Video

EEVEE & Viewport

  • Motion blur.
  • Stereoscopy polishing.
  • Point cloud rendering.
  • Vulkan groundwork (GL encapsulation, cleanups).
  • Fix MacOS volume drawing.

Data, Assets & I/O

  • Alembic refactor.
  • USD exporter improvements.
  • Override:
    • Usability Pass (ID Template, outliner, …).
    • Modifiers and constraints.
    • If time allows: part of milestone 2 (proxy replacement).

Grease Pencil

  • Annotation arrows.
  • Blocking and 3d-2d pipeline.
    • Convert mesh to grease pencil stroke.
    • Bake mesh animation to grease pencil.
    • Bevel parameters to convert grease pencil to curve.
    • Keep original stroke when reproject.

Render & Cycles

  • Embree.
  • OIDN.
  • Sampling patches.
  • Other smaller patches.

Some modules require a more in-depth follow up to define better what goes in or not in 2.90. In particular the User Interface and the Sculpt, Paint, Texture modules.