2.8 armature bone selection is extremely unintuitive

2.8 RC full default settings out of the box. Assume you already have an armature with >=2 bones. In Layout or Modeling, in the scene collection panel (apparently it’s called the outliner? It’s mentioned nowhere on the UI), perform the following actions:

  • Click on “Armature”
  • Click on a bone
  • Click on “Armature”
  • Click on the same bone
  • …etc.

The selection will cycle between selecting the entire armature or a single bone whenever you click on “Armature”. Clicking on the bone does nothing. This is extremely unintuitive, I’d expect that whatever I just clicked on would get selected.

To make matters even worse, if you have the entire armature selected, right-clicking on a bone and then clicking on “Select” does nothing.

(what really happens is that clicking on Armature switches between Object Mode and Edit Mode and individual bones can only be selected in Edit Mode)

As can i understand, You are say for Outliner area…

Currently A lot of improvements are implemented in GOS: Outliner post. Maybe there it have been solved (this prob)… But I think that’s will be for 2.81…

I believe this behavior is intentional.


In this example image, the topmost Armature is the armature object. In the next level are the Armature and Pose data icons. These icons (as you mentioned) are the toggles for edit and pose mode. The bones are then listed depending on the mode (object, pose, edit).

I think because there are already multiple methods to switch into edit mode, that selecting the bones in the outliner while in object mode to toggle into edit mode might not be needed. As @AbidMaqbool already mentioned, I am working on the outliner for the summer of code, so I’ll keep this in mind :slight_smile: