1, 2 and 3 keys are still destructive in object mode


  • Pressing 1, 2 and 3 toggles between vertex, edge and face selection in edit mode. This is used all the time.
  • Pressing 1, 2 and 3 isolates a collection in object mode. This mistake is done all the time…

If you have a lot of collections, some visible, some hidden, accidentally pressing a number key while in object mode wastes a lot of your time.

Pressing 1 twice in object mode should return the visibility state to where it was before pressing the button.

(Note: This is very similar to how in 2.79 you could contol click to isolate a hierarchy in the outliner, and then click again to revert to the previous visibility state. This was initially removed in 2.8 and replaced with a destructive click, only to be brought back to a toggle after users complained.)


So… is the LTS release going to still have destructive toggles in object mode?

OMG yes please, this current behavior is infuriating! I still have no clue what exactly it does. There doesn’t seem to be any method or reason to what determines which groups get shown or hidden.

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Blender has no concept of what the previous visibility state was.

IMO, the use of those number keys works poorly now with nested infinite collections - we could just NOT do that. See the IC keymap, which just doesn’t have this problem.


I ran into this many times recently - pressed number key and hidden all other collections. I’m not sure what causes such behaviour on human side, maybe some muscle memory patterns in brain that persist between modes. Anyway, probably it might be better to remove collection isolation hotkeys.