XR Actions branch question

As far as I know the XR Actions branch is being further developed, I tested it and it seems to be a great start, however to setup basic actions right now it’s kind of messy, bot because the system is bad, but because it takes a lot of time to set basic things.

Is there some config file with basic actions already setup, like teletransport / movement, move/rotate/scale, or access menus (if this last one is even possible)?

I’m not sure who to mention here, so allow me to mention you @dfelinto to drive this to whoever is responsible or if you know the answer :slight_smile:


I do not think we should require this kind of set up. We could allow custom action sets via the preferences or as developer UI. But the default experience should “just work” and already have the supported actions (selection, transformations, navigation, haptic feedback, …) preconfigured for the different OpenXR compatible controllers.

@julianeisel I think I have expressed the question in a wrong way.

Precisely my question is if the current branch has some kind of defaults, because I tried it and it has no defaults at all, that’s why I asked, becuase there are no preconfigured actions in the branch :slight_smile:

Should I see default actions already there?

I didn’t look at that part of the patch recently, but AFAIK there are no such defaults. But what I’m saying is, there should be, at least if this goes into a release.

@muxed-reality will know more :slight_smile:

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I agree, those defaults should be present or it will be discouraging for the users :slight_smile:

I’ll wait until such defaults are present because right now it would be super time consuming to configure anything by hand :slight_smile:

Thanks for your feedback. I agree that default actions should be present and will be necessary for a release.

I didn’t get around to adding any defaults yet but will do it in the future. It should just involve extending the add-on (no changes necessary to Blender itself).


I’ve been enjoying playing around with this build, and was able to make some basic actions. I am having an issue with something I’m sure is a simple mistake on my part. I’m trying to make an action that makes the thumbstick left/right control frame backward/forward respectively.

With the setup in the attached image, both left and right directions advance one frame forward. What do I need to change so thumbstick pressed left goes a frame backward and thumbstick pressed right goes forward?

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Thanks for your feedback, and glad to hear that you are enjoying the branch so far.

Actually it is not a mistake on your part but an oversight on mine. In the future I will add the option to treat the positive/negative axes of a thumbstick/trackpad as separate buttons, but currently I am busy making changes for the patch review.

In the meantime, you can either use separate inputs or create a custom operator and assign it to the thumbstick axis. Then in the custom operator’s invoke() function you can listen for an event of type XR_ACTION that will be received when the action is triggered. This event will have an “xr_state” property, which gives the float value (-1.0 to 1.0) of the input and you can use this to call the screen.frame_offset operator with different arguments on execute().

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The xr-actions branch now has default actions, since they were requested in the patch review.

However, these are not present in the old 2.92 experimental build so for now you will need to build the branch from source to use them.

Hi! Muxed-reallity Thanks a lot for the effort! I´m super excited about this addon. I have tried with the compiled version, setting up some simple actions and I’m super hyped with the possibilities :astonished:. For this reason I have compiled the xr-actions-D9124 branch and the procedure finishes ok and blender runs perfectly, but i can’t see the default actions :confused: I’m pretty sure that I’m making something wrong, but I don’t know what could be.

.- For building the version, the correct procedure is making a checkout to xr-actions-D9124 branch and “make full” isn’t it?
.- Is it necessary to make something more inside blender?

Thanks a lot for any help

Hi @Santox, very sorry for the late reply. Didn’t notice your message until now.
If you are building from source, in addition to checking out the xr-actions-D9124 branch of blender, you also need to check out the xr-actions-D9124 branch of the addons submodule.

Alternatively, there is now an updated build for 2.93 here: https://builder.blender.org/download/branches/

Also, here are a few steps to get started:

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