Working with touchscreen on Wacom mobile studio pro

Hello, my name is Vyacheslav. I’m proffessional jewelry CAD designer. (Sorry for my English) I’m using Blender on my wacom mobile studio pro 16 i7 . And I would like to talk about using Blender with touchscreen by fingers. I mean navigation in 3d viewport. This feature have done in Rhinoceros 5. But in Blender it does not have! Also I would like to have opportunity to type the numeric values in numeric fields by windows touchscreen keyboard. In windows 10 touchscreen keyboard automatically shows when I touch text/numeric fields in another apps. But in Blender it does not work! I’m very like Blender in my work and I would like to have the opportunity to use Blender with all features of touchscreen.
P.S. I don’t know where I can write this message. I hope that someone give me an advise for solving this tasks.
Best regards.

Hi. Have you enabled the “3Dview : 3D Navigation” addon ? It should display two dropdown menus (“3D nav” and “Pan Orbit Zoom Roll”) in the View tab, on the N panel.

Thank you for reply))

Yes, of course I’ve tried this addon. But it is not exactly what I need. May I try to explain?

-two finger tip - zoom in out

-One finger touch and drag it is for rotate view

-Two (or three fingers ) for pan view.

That addon doesn’t have enough usability and it’s slowing me when I’m working on wacom touchscreen. Of course when I work on PC with mouse and keyboard I don’t have troubles with navigation and typing.
When I work in 2d programs such as Illustrator , Sketchbook, Photoshop I like to use two hands on screen for doing my job. Left hand for drawing and right hand for navigation, rotation and pan view. It is very useful and makes me faster.

I would like to have the opportunity make my 3d stuff in this way. Left hand for pen and right hand on screen for navigation and working at outliner or properties fields. I have tried to find programs which can work in this case. But I have found that only Rhinoceros 5 can work in this way for 3d modeling. It is good program, but I like Blender and I want to work with it.