Working on a .blend on an SSD is better?

Hello, I’m wondering if working on an SSD is better with blender ?

In term of ctrl z rapidity, textures loading, and general blender viewport and rendering performance ?

For example, photoshop behave really badly when working on a slow disk (HDD/USB Stick)

Or if it does not change anything because if it can everything is loaded on a RAM stick anyway.

I have all my programs and files from current projects on a SSD both at home and at work. Any program benefits from being on a SSD, at least to decrease loading times. In fact I wouldn’t even put HDDs into my PC any more for any purpose.

Unfortunately a SSD won’t help with Blender’s painfully slow undo though.

in this you are wrong, someone has noticed that on ssd the undo works much better on very heavy scenes full of objects.
probably because blender downloads part of the memory on disk and therefore there is an exchange between ram and disk

(and this should be investigated and improved)

Hello nokipaike (here too :slight_smile: )

If we don’t know more about that user to know more about his hardware specifications and how he did to reach that conclusion, it is difficult to investigate about the matter.

If the user has low RAM available, it is not Blender’s fault. The only problem here would be if Blender was making excessive use of RAM. But if RAM becomes full, virtual memory on disk must be used and therefore the system will become slower. What would be your solution for when physical RAM is filled? The same will happen with any program that uses a lot of RAM and fills the capacity. The software cannot invent/create physical memory in the user’s system.

To be honest, I never used Blender from a HDD so I can’t compare it. I just figured it can’t be much worse than on a SSD though…

the undo is currently a blender nightmare, so it is a problem, I limit myself to exposing “possible causes” …
I don’t care if it’s a matter of more or a less ram, or if the disks are slow or fast …

the problem must be solved.

I agree with that, but I doubt that the root of the problem is related to storage devices.

For anyone who’s reading this in the future…

So I heard that blender wears down SSD’s fast or something. Or maybe it’s just in general if you write to the SSD often? Can anyone confirm or show a link to this?

First time I’m hearing about it.
Do you have any sources or explanations as to why on this?
What do you mean by “fast” - which metric are we talking about?