Workbench Viewport Shading - Refresh and Matcap

Hello Blender, I’m a junior game environment artist who started 3d modeling just over a year ago. Within this time, I’ve learned so much from cube modeling to sculpting both in Blender and in Zbrush. I’ve noticed that in the new 2.8 branches, the workbench engine does this weird refresh every time you move or rotate your object in the viewport. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this. I work with two 24" 1080p monitors and I can see this.

Also, I’m really missing the dry and hard look and feel of the shading in the viewport. Back in 2.79, I used an addon called OpenGL Lights which had a bunch of shaders with tweakable lighting info. I used the 3DSMax one which was like the Matcap gray we see in Zbrush. I’m not trying to port any other software’s philosophy into Blender, but I sincerely think that if we had similar shading like that of Zbrush, artists who work in and out of both software would feel right at home import and exporting their models time and again. I personally use ZBrush for all the sculpting part of my work and Blender for all the polygonal modeling. Again, I’m not trying to force something like this into Blender. I just think it’ll be great for everyone to have that. I love modeling in Blender, but I can’t focus with the current matcap options in 2.8.

Sometimes, I just like staying in ZBrush just because the viewport looks really good. Please consider this. I know this is a ton of work for you guys. Thank you so much for the software. God Bless You!

this “weird” reflesh thing when you move the 3d view can be just the adaptive quality, which is common also on others softwares like 3ds max and zbrush to have a good fps performance when you are moving around some object in the 3d space
About matcaps…i think that zbrush works with this in a different way, so its not easy to replicate but this was never the objective.
i wanted to answer you,but i not a dev to ensure anything :grin:
and sorry if my english was horrible

I set the quality to zero. I’ve reduced all of it, yet I still see it