Workbench Engine Filmic

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The Workbench engine seems also to use filmic. I was always wondering why the studio lights view look so washed out - this is the reason. It makes it unnecessarily hard to spot details in the mesh. Also Matcaps should be already colormanaged(?) so they look wrong too when using filmic.

the viewport as it’s seen in the viewport solid mode

how it should be imo (using worbench with srgb as renderengine))

Another example that shows how difficult it is to see details with this:



Yeah, this is an issue, especially the low contrast default shading. But not quite a simple to solve I don’t think. Matcaps actually look better with filmic, otherwise the highlights get cut off in ugly ways.



As you can see, the highlights get clipped in the non-filmic example here.

Could be solved in a few ways:

  • Change default lighting to be more contrasted
  • Make it so the Solid mode respects Color Management

Could be other solutions too

Yes you are right, I think Matcaps are ok.

I think this is the way to go. I adjusted the default studio lights a bit to be similar to the current default but with more contrast. It’s quite usable now - maybe it can be used as a starting point
(can’t share .sl files here so here it is as text. Just save it as .sl)

version 1
light_ambient.x 0.003936
light_ambient.y 0.003936
light_ambient.z 0.003936
light[0].flag 1
light[0].smooth 0.050000
light[0].col.x 1.242770
light[0].col.y 1.242770
light[0].col.z 1.242770
light[0].spec.x 0.318547
light[0].spec.y 0.318547
light[0].spec.z 0.318547
light[0].vec.x -0.523077
light[0].vec.y 0.123077
light[0].vec.z 0.843352
light[1].flag 1
light[1].smooth 0.250000
light[1].col.x 0.055974
light[1].col.y 0.056476
light[1].col.z 0.073239
light[1].spec.x 0.090838
light[1].spec.y 0.090838
light[1].spec.z 0.090838
light[1].vec.x 0.788218
light[1].vec.y 0.593482
light[1].vec.z -0.162765
light[2].flag 1
light[2].smooth 0.400000
light[2].col.x 0.192848
light[2].col.y 0.200016
light[2].col.z 0.263273
light[2].spec.x 0.069399
light[2].spec.y 0.020331
light[2].spec.z 0.020331
light[2].vec.x 0.938775
light[2].vec.y -0.183673
light[2].vec.z 0.291487
light[3].flag 1
light[3].smooth 0.700000
light[3].col.x 0.000000
light[3].col.y 0.000000
light[3].col.z 0.000000
light[3].spec.x 0.072234
light[3].spec.y 0.082253
light[3].spec.z 0.162642
light[3].vec.x 0.192461
light[3].vec.y -0.975135
light[3].vec.z -0.109864

Old Default:

New Default:


Thanks for this. Yes, I think we should change the default studio light to be something like what you did, to create more definition.