Windows - Updating the libraries with make update - python not found in lib folder - not compiling

Hey friends,

I made the usual weekly make update. And noticed that i get a python not found in lib folder warning this time. The python library is of course there. There is version 3.10 in the folder. But it looks for version 3.9 still.

The consequence is that it does not compile then.

I work at Windows 10, and compile with VS 2019. While at it, will there be VS 2022 support in the nearer future? Microsoft made the VS 2019 version deprecated before two weeks. But currently compiling Blender with VS 2022 fails with an error that just VS 2019 is supported yet.

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The simplest fix is to delete your build_windows_x86_vc16_Release folder and re-run the make release command. The issue you’re experiencing will be “automatically” resolved by doing this.

If you don’t want to delete that folder because you’ve made some modifications to some files in that folder that you want to re-use, then you can open the file build_windows_x86_vc16_Release/CMakeCache.txt (I believe CMakeCache.txt is the name) and modify it to point towards the Python 3.10 libs instead of 3.9 libs.

Many thanks Alaska. Now it worked :slight_smile:

VS2022 has been supported since june 2021, if you have multiple version of vs installed, you can bypass the auto detection by specifying the version you want to use ie make full 2022

Thanks for the information LazyDodo.

But what if i open the sln file in VS 2022 directly (of course with creating the cmake with vs 2022 compiler first).To create a debug build for example. Currrently this ends in an error with Cuda and Optix then.

the cuda SDK only supports vs2022 starting cuda 11.6

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Ah this is the solution. Many thanks :slight_smile:

Is this Cuda version 11.6 already officially supported? I seem to remember that the hightest supported version is still 11.4 at the moment.

That be up to the cycles team, they generally are not that far behind in their cuda support due to a newer version being generally required for new cards. It’ll likely work already, we just don’t test it on a regular basis.

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Many thanks for the answer. Highly appreciated :slight_smile: