Will the knife project tool be implemented in 2.8?

I find the knife project tool very useful in the type of modeling I do. I build 2.8 from source so I’m up to date, but I don’t see it available when I have a mesh in edit mode (although the knife is there). Will it be implemented in 2.8, or is it being dropped? Please don’t drop it!

-Frank Alviani

I would guess so, but I don’t think you will get a definite yes or no on specific tools and options from the 2.7x releases until after the first 2.8 beta is out. As far as I know the only parts of the Blender 2.7x builds being dropped for certain are the Game Engine, the Blender Internal Renderer, and the view layers. From talking with the devs I get the impression that there is still a lot of uncertainty about what the final 2.8 release will look like (tool wise) because so much of the underlying 2.7x code is being changed.

It looks like it’s broken by the multiobject editing. Instead of having secondary selected objects out of the edit mesh, they are all included in the editing session.

That’s really painful to hear, since I found it very useful. For some projects, I think I would need to stay on 2.79 - some models that have holes are much easier to create using that tool. Do you think there’s any chance that a solution will be found to bring it back?

I imagine it will be implemented in due time. Multi-object editing is not complete yet and this particular task is tracked as part of https://developer.blender.org/T54643 – knife project is listed, the devs just need to get around to implementing it properly.

Thanks for the reassuring status :slight_smile:

Hi - 3 months have passed since my last post, and there doesn’t appear to be any work done on the knife/knife project mesh tool. Is there any indication of what the status of this is? If the devs decide to just implement it for single-object editing that would be adequate, but right now it looks like the tools are simply not going to be in 2.8 :frowning: I’m not sure where else to inquire.

i just test it and it seem to be working, what would be the problem with it?

While I see the knife tool, there is no knife project tool. Also, I assumed you could cut across multiple objects with the knife, but only the active selection is modifiable. I’m fine with that; I could live with that approach for the knife project as well, but the tool isn’t there. :frowning:

i see yes its only in the active object that the knife do the cuts you are right.
As for the knife project i always was very used to use it from the operators menu so i didn’t notice that its missing in the tools shelf, but the operator its there

I see that it’s there - thank you. Perhaps they will add it to the tool shelf, as in 2.79. While I was able to do a normal operation with a single ‘target’ object, when I had 2 objects selected to be cut, blender simply edited the last one selected (the active one) leaving the other selection untouched. But at least it’s there - I can live with cutting objects individually.

This operator still hasn’t been implemented for multi-objects :slight_smile: They had to give up partially since these ones happened to be very hard to do correctly. They’re still listed as incomplete on the main EditMesh tools bug.

First see the comments from Aug 28th: ⚙ D3637 Multi-Objects: Knife Cut (wip)

And then the follow up bug (which lists some other multi-object problems): ⚓ T56948 Multi-Object-Mode: Operators that need refactor on their logic

Though, tbh, the fact the operator itself is not listed as a proper Tool right now could be an oversight. Make it the first bug you file once the bug-tracker is generally open for the Beta.

It take a while find the knife project tool, as it can only be found by searching fro commands box.

I definitely think it should live in a better place, perhaps within the knife tool popup icon, as it’s one of the most useful commands.


In a recent ‘Blender today’, Pablo claimed that the knife project tool is now found in the mesh menu. I just rebuilt from source (revision 62170) and I don’t see it; it’s still findable in the search menu. Am I overlooking something, or was he incorrect? I’m building under Windows 10/VS17. The actual build command is “make update & make full &”. The config file is pointing as follows:
“[remote “origin”]
url = git://git.blender.org/blender.git
fetch = +refs/heads/:refs/remotes/origin/
[branch “blender2.8”]
remote = origin
merge = refs/heads/blender2.8”
Am I working with the correct branch to see the same beta that he’s describing?

Thanks in advance,

Duh! I was looking at the ‘icon’ menu, rather than the ‘conventional’ menu. Not used to the new UI yet :frowning: