Will Blender incorporate a launcher at some point in the future?

It’s something i’ve been curious about for a bit, and i’m not sure where to find the answer.
can someone send me a link or explain it themselves? Thanks

Probably not, why would you want a launcher?

From what I understand, It just makes it easier to update the software, It’s more of a convenience thing really, it’s like I said, I was just curious.

Updating software does not equal having a launcher. Launcher is used mainly when one company creates many pieces of software and wants to have centralized place to keep them all up to date at once, and handle licensing at this centralized place as well.

Blender Foundation makes just one software, Blender. So better execution of that would be check for updates at a splashscreen and a button to do so manually in the help menu.

Okay, thanks for the input, it’s always nice to learn new things, and I’m still technically new to 3D software (about 2 years with Maya), but again I appreciate the response.

If all you want is an auto updater you can actually get Blender on Steam or the Windows Store, they don’t get the daily beta builds, but they should keep you up to date for the major releases.

with Python and QT you should be able to create a menu with different versions of blender (workspaces, maybe plugins). But as @LudvikKoutny mentioned earlier this makes sense for companies and not individual artists.