Will Blender 2.8 be fully backwards compatible for 2.79 projects?

Since Blender 2.8 is still in development and not recommended for use in regular production yet and it will severely differ from traditional Blender, I wonder if all projects made in 2.79 will be easy to transfer to 2.8 or do we have to consider something when we do the big step?

Two major considerations are layers and Blender Internal. Both are going away, so you need to make sure all your materials and lights and everything else are updated to work with cycles. I’m not sure if there’s a way to automatically convert layers to collections, but hopefully they have one before release. Any add-one you rely on will need to be updated to be compatible with 2.80 as well.

Layer to collection conversion should be fully backwards compatible. There are a bunch of subtle cases where backwards compatibility is broken, for the most port it should be fine but there are a bunch of small individual things that may need updates, besides the remove of Blender Internal and the game engine of course.

Note that once you save a file with 2.80, you can’t go back to working on it in 2.79.

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Thank you for the information. So because there will be no return, when do you think is the right time to swap all my projects into 2.8? Now, so i can start getting used to the new interface or when 2.8 becomes stable? Seeing that Blender 2.8 ist still under heavy development and updates are littlerally comming on a daily basis I imagine that there are quite alot of changes to be made yet.

This is the official position from the code blog:

We do not recommend using Beta versions in production, there are still many bugs and data loss is possible.

For some users there may be good enough reason to switch to 2.80 anyway, but it’s it’s at your own risk basically.