Will 2.8 have support for Opensubdiv creases?

As I understanding 2.8 will support Opensubdiv, but I’m wondering if it’ll be a complete implementation or partial. In particular I’m concerned if it will support the opensubdiv creasing capability. Thanks for reading.

Blender 2.80 will be using OpenSubdiv under the hood. At least edge creases will be supported, vertex creases are not there yet but likely to be added soon-ish.


Thanks for the answer.
I have a follow up question:
Are the creases in the Beta now?

There are edge creases in the Beta.

I tried to export geometry with creases through alembic, fbx, obj and no one is working. They imported to houdini and maya without creases. (Export from maya to houdini works good with creases)
How to export geometry with creases to other software?

now that we have the OpenSubdiv Surfaces, let’s take all advantage of them for good.

by enable the possibility of crease at maximum vertices and single edges.

And maybe take a look at this video to see what advantages can be drawn from this magic hat ^ ___ ^

I don’t follow the semantics of your sentences, but Blender currently doesn’t support vertex creasing. It’s a known todo.

Of course, it is known that at the moment blender does not support vertex crease. For this as reminder, I wrote a comment here, now that we have OpenSubDiv, I hope they are supported soon, and I’m glad it’s part of todo.

Everything stems from my desire to try to simulate BREPs modeling, and playing with the Edges creased, I realized that under certain conditions they worked as I wanted, and in others “stopped working” … so I had created a bug report, thinking it was a bug. then Sergey wrote to me that is not a bug but a feature that works in OpenSubDiv, but that currently is not implemented but is provided as a Todo. From this I wanted to do a research on what were the real advantages of OpenSubDiv, and I found this video, surprisingly there is a lot of nice stuff once they are supported, especially the acceleration via GPU that supports auto-tessellation (the video at he minute 22:54)and so very heavy models become light as a feather … So I was going to create a new post to open a discussion, but having done a search here on devtalk I discovered that someone had already started a discussion, and so I decided to paste my research here . so that they are useful to anyone.