Why particles get intersect with each other

Why particles getting intersect with each other. i tried the seed value but did not get success. Any suggestion how to get a good particles setting which do not intersect each other. Thanks

The only way is to change the distributio method to grid… and then you get a grid but then it’s not random, there is no other way in blender classic particles

Thanks but with the grid why the particles out side the plane. I have created vertex group assign. Yet some mesh outside the plane.

That’s the only way so far with plain Blender particles, put more geometry and perfect your vertex group.

Regarding this thread, TBH this thread don’t belong here, this forum is for discussing Blender development, not so much to seek help about how Blender works (no harsh feelings)

I recommend you using: Blender.Community

Or: https://blender.chat/

Or even: https://blenderartists.org/

I tell you this because this thread will be closed rather sooner than later, since it has no relation to Blender development :slight_smile: