Why " Lock to 3d cursor," not work with "Lock camera to view"?

To change view, I can choose "Lock to 3d cursor. " as option.
It overwrite Preference/Navigation/Orbit and Pan/Orbit around section

So when I hope to Orbit around currrent selection, OFF “lock to 3d cursor”
and when I need to Orbit around 3d cursor I set “Lock to 3d cursor” as ON.

It seems simple and reasonable. But why it not work , with camera view and “lock camera to view” option ? When I change view as camera, “Lock to 3d cursor” and “Lock to object” seems not activate. (though I can still ON and OFF, it not change way )

But "Orbit around selection " (in preference) still work with Camera view (Lock camera to view) So there seems no reason, we can not orbit around “3d cursor” with “Lock camera to view” Is there any reason to lock this option?