Why is the option to Enable/Disable Manipulator gone from 2.8?

What’s the logic behind taking this out? Aren’t you aware how useful this was? Now that it’s gone I keep accidentally transforming objects even after I’m done editing. And deactivating the overlay doesn’t do diddly to remedy the problem.

Improvement doesn’t necessarily mean reduction in already functionally proven features. Please bring this simple yet highly functional and important feature back to Blender.

It’s still there.

Overlays > Gizmo.

I guess you’re talking about the selection tools.
Yes, it was a terrible mistake to remove their gizmos.

Gizmos were not ‘removed’ from the selection tools. Active Select tools were never in Blender before.

You can get 2.79-style functionality by simply enabling the Transform tool, and then use selection like you always did in 2.79, using border select and other commands.

There’s nothing removed or lost in this area.

Okay. Since they were not removed, then I guess those tools are not fully implemented yet? Because it’s very weird for the selection tools to not have gizmos.

I don’t know what you mean. Doesn’t make any semantic sense to me.

In 2.79 the active tools were here in the header:

Now in 2.8, the tools are in the toolbar:

If you enable the same tool as in 2.79, it works more or less the same. With the Move, Rotate or Scale tools (or any tool), you can still use B for Box Select and all other commands, just like in 2.79.

The biggest difference is that we added more tools here. Where in Blender 2.79 there were only three active tools, Blender 2.8 has many more.

To enable/disable all gizmos, use this:

The thing that hasn’t been implemented yet, and which also didn’t exist in 2.79 btw, is the ability to set the ‘Drag Action’ for any tool that includes a gizmo:

I’m sorry, but you’re missing the point. I did find that option but that one’s used to temporarily hide the Gizmo as an “Overlay”, it does not disable it. Even when the Gizmo’s gone, the active transformation tool stays there and you can still transform your objects. I’m talking about the “q” shortcut in Maya, which existed in 2.79.

Makes sense?

This is sorta of what I’m talking about, even though it’s not how this is usually implemented on other apps. Also I’m pretty sure the selection tools will become useless once this is added in the transform tool.

For example, this is how the selection tools work in C4D.


As you can see, it has a similar set of selection tools, but when you use them you get the gizmo, which is pretty handy. (ofc you can disable it if you want)
This is what is mssing in Blender’s selection tools. With this, the transform tool could stay as it is, and all those tools (transform / selection) would remain equally useful.

And while you are at it, how about a Polygon Select tool? :smile:

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It’s the same toggle from 2.79. It was just moved to the Overlays popover instead, because there are now many more tools with gizmos.

Well, all I know is that it was there 2.79 and I’m pretty sure (read a lot of rants about it) that people use it as much as I do. Taking something away for no apparent reason is ludicrous imo, has nothing to do with improvement, especially if that feature serves a concrete purpose.


I’m sorry again. Don’t mean to clash with you on purpose, but I believe you didn’t read my reply carefully enough. They are just not the same things.

Maya uses the Q shortcut for this, yes. Not exactly sure what your point is. That we should use Q too?

I expect a Maya keymap for 2.8 would map this just like in Maya.

No not at all. There are some Blender veterans that got used to the Blender way of interaction and wouldn’t want to abandon it for something else, and that’s perfectly fine. Yet, I was only able to use Blender when the Devs came up with the notion that they should make human interaction with their software more versatile, since there’re so many people out there, like yours truly, who come from other packages and such and want to use Blender, but just can’t get used to the specifics, and that’s fine too. This is an important to have feature that should exist, not removed for good. That’s my point.

We already have the Drag Action tool setting in the Transform tool. This is sometimes called Haul in other apps. This can be expanded with more options and added more places.

Blender’s tools are overall a bit more similar to modo than C4D.

Hope an inhouse dev reads this thread and sees where I’m coming from on this matter.

As of yet, the only real remedy by the way is what you recommended, which is to map the rectangle select to a key (q in my case) But then, the other selection options still don’t deactivate the current transform tool, which is really annoying.

Can you explain what you mean by this?

Oops, sorry my bad :frowning: I meant the direct select tool (the single click one).

Ok. Not sure what you mean then.

In Blender, we do support ways of selecting while any other tool is active. You can click on items to select, and you can also use shortcuts like B, C and other selection commands while a tool is active, even if that tool is not a selection tool.

I got no problems with it being added in the transform tool, even though I prefer C4D’s implementation.
Any info on when those options will be implemented?

Yeah, I can feel that. And that’s quite concerning sometimes, cuz Modo’s workflow can be quite rigid at times.