Why is default spacebar binding to play?

why doesn’t Tools menu bind spacebar which is more globally useful in the factory default setting
just leave all timeline function to arrow key with modify keys(Ctrl/Alt),
up arrow for play,ctrl+right arrow for next keyframe, for example in Houdini.
that is already so intuitive.

and also on one day perhaps Tools menu become mature like Maya
then it will be ridiculous to set the spacebar to playback instead of Tools menu.

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FWIW, I agree, and find SHIFT+SPACEBAR an awkward combination.

That was the original idea, but the devs realized that it was a bad decision for several reasons

  • If the user is a junior/noob, he will use the T-shelf active tools buttons
  • If the user is experienced he will know how to click on “use space as tools” in the blender splash, change it in preferences (one click) or configure his own hotkeys. Or like every experienced blender user, he will use the modal hotkeys

So you need to be experienced user for that? Eh there is no hope for human kind…

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1,do you want blender to be industry standard or just a kids toy?
if someone is noob , then spend time to learn it like everyone does.

2.I know we can change preference by few clicks,
but do you know the meanings of how important the factory default setting is.
Imagine you have a class with thirty computers , or an office with hundred computers, or you sometimes need to change to another copmuter, or you are a tech artist and manger kind of job confirming blender is up to date which will go back to default setting. or dealing with 10+ softwares keeping with default setting because you don’t want to edit preference on every single whenever they got updated ot reinstalled.
Then customization will only exist in ideal, that’s why blender finally change Left click as default due to public profit

And leaving 10cm long spacebar binding to a function people like modelers and sculptors have never needed instead of tool menu everyone would use.
That seems to go to tell them “Yeah ~~,let’s lick newbies and animators together”

deleted because I was wrong :slight_smile:

First, I’m not developer.

Second. No, I don’t want that blender was a toy for kids. For that reason that menu must to be remove, because only is for kids that are unable to learn a hotkey.

In Maya the space is for show the tools pie menu with constant pressing, and maximize/de-maximize areas with short presses.

I think where it makes the most sense to use the space bar to play is when you use the video editor. The rest of the time you can hit it by mistake and you’re constantly making play.

Totally true… my mistake, then I’m not sure where was the space the default play button LOL

To what do you refer to here?

And here?

Seriously, even with these hints I can’t find and have no idea what you are talking about

And SPACE as play is a huge waste…

  • If you are junior/noob you don’t need the efficience and speed of use the tool menu. You will click in the active tools in the bar. Like everyone else that use any program.

  • If you search a few of speed, or do you think that you need a different spacebar shortcut you must to be able to go to preferences, keymap and see the first option that is called “SPACEBAR ACTION” and click in “TOOLS”

It’s basically 4 clicks

As is typical of experienced users, you THINK it’s obvious. Here’s MY Keymap first page:

Thirty headings. Which is it? User Interface? Nope. Ahh, ‘preferences’! Wait, why ISN’T it under user interface?

It’s obscure. That you happen to know doesn’t make it less so. Just for grins, type “space” into the Search function. Lo and behold, it’s not listed! Who Could Have Predicted THAT?

I have used the factory config. If you have hide the “preferences” part is your decision, not the default. So, if you are able to open blender and hide that panel, you can be able to unhide again.