Why doesn't Eevee support "Inside" AO map mode but does support viewport cavity?


as the title says - I am puzzled as to why doesn’t Eevee support inside mode of the AO map when it does support convex cavities when enabling “Cavity” viewport shading option. On top of that, the cavity seems to be raytraced, and therefore very accurate. It’s really painful to see it right there, working in realtime but not being able to utilize it for procedural wear&tear shaders in Eevee :frowning:

It even has customizable radius which does not rely on the global scene AO radius. Wouldn’t it be possible for AO nodes to simply spawn and render another cavity buffer? :slight_smile:


Good question…

Because Eevee and Workbench are different engines.

But you’re right, cavity shading in Eevee would be nice.

Sure they are, but while I would not expect everything that works in Eevee to work in Workbench, I’d expect stuff from workbench to work in Eevee, given that Eevee is more or less superset of Workbench features :wink:

It is? Never heard anything of the sort. Interesting.

Anyway, it’s not only eevee that’s missing cavity shading. Cycles could use that too. And then maybe we could bake it. It’s a pity the hack based on the bevel shader doesn’t let you differentiate between concave and convex.

Cycles already has it. There’s an AO map that has also “inside” mode. The whole point of my request was that AO map and its inside mode is interpreted by Eevee using whatever workbench uses to render cavity in realtime. :slight_smile:

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