Why do materials have duplicate settings for viewport display?


with a recent addition of “Metallic” parameter to Viewport Display rollout of materials, I am really confused as to why simply not derive Color, Metallic and Roughness from the material itself? In the current state, it requires user to either ignore viewport settings of the material or keep them manually sync with main material properties.

I can imagine it being on rare occasions useful as an override, but such override should still be off by default.

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We would like to automate this at some point, but in general deriving it from a node network is not possible. Since most people are using the Principle BSDF now it becomes more practical though.

It’s really just still the same as 2.7x, something that can be improved.

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How about freezing them in case there’s principled BSDF in surface slot of material node and using them only if there isn’t?