Why cancel individual orientation on each viewport and two different scene using same object data will crash

before 2.8, pivot orientation on each viewport could be different. it is useful for quick adjust.

and I turn to open a new scene to achieve it, but when I plot object data to different object from different scene, blender crashes while later. different view layer have no this problem though

At last, how about make pivot point (pivot point position config) on each viewport individual too?

Wow ! You are right. That takes an awfully complicated manipulation to simply obtain one object displayed in 2 different 3DViews with 2 gizmo differently oriented.

You need to create another main window to create a linked scene.
I hoped to just be forced to used another workspace.
The idea of workspace is to have set of tools and addons ready for the task.
Same orientation in all workspaces goes into the opposite direction of this idea.

First, it was moved from 3D View header to Topbar.
I don’t know how it is handled internally. But what is sure, is that does not make sense.
Gizmo display is per 3DView. Active tool is per wokspace. Call of tool is per editor. But orientation of tool and gizmo used by active tool per Scene ?!