Why can not Blender have primitives?

One thing I don’t understand about blender is that there are no primitives, or objects that allow primitives for addon developers. Some people have told me that this is a problem or a limitation of their design. But I still don’t understand it.

Why can’t there be a type of object that among its parameters is the basic information to generate a mesh? It seems to me that it would be another way to help the problem of the developers to add elements without overloading the panel sidebar

Take for example the architecture addons, these addons usually deal with complex interfaces within the sidebar to be able to create elements. This is actually a consequence of there not being any primitives or any way to handle them correctly in the object’s property editor. The normal way would be to create the primitive

Is there any limitation that prevents the creation of primitives as in any program?

Do you mean “live primitives”?

There is wondermesh addon (blendermarket, github)
And I think bsmax addon also has them (webpage, github)

Not sure about bsmax but wondermesh works pretty much how you expect it, only danger is what your edit mode changes get destroyed if you alter object mode parameters. Still, very powerful if you use it with modifiers.

There are quite a few requests about this on RCS: 1, 2, 3
Common answer are: “use addons”, “this will be done once everything nodes arrives”

I know that can be done things like that. What I asked is the reason to don’t have this officially to support primitives or give addons dev a way to support primitives more than workarounds

Blender, does have primitives and support them… to be clear, you mean ones you can change afterwards in some menu

i think you imagine these live primitives would solve problems but actually practical experience has show it not to be the case in a mesh modelling program

it instead makes the program simpler everything is a mesh

i mean what advantages exactly? u could change the cylinder edge count after the fact, sure, you edit this mesh after though, the changes are lost (using the tools shown)… there’s no way around that, it amounts to trying to undo a decision you had several steps ago… but if you had done anything significant, you’d have to repeat it all again anyway

For example, I could have a plugin to generate plants and I could duplicate and make variations without reusing the plugin to generate plants.

And since you say it, an example would be all the people that use blender for architecture, that are many users, and they would prefer to be able to have parameterizable doors instead of having to be constantly creating new doors with different parameters and if at the time they see that they need a different one to have, again, to generate a new one from scratch,

Isn’t this what they’re working on?Geometry Nodes Design or are you talking about something else that’s related to the python API?

Something like this?

Example from Modo - but it’s similar to other software. I kind of miss that too since it speeds up (not only) retopology for mechanical work considerably.

The radial Menu is also custom but at least for basic object creation Blender already has a super fast Add Menu.

The nice thing about this creation process (for those who are not familiar with Modo) BTW: The creation axis is dependant on view Angle. So if the camera views more from above then the object is aligned to the ground plane, for example.
The super long properties panel feels pretty clunky on the other hand. Does it’s job but is not as nice as the base creation process. It does save settgins like number of divisions for the next created object, though. :smiley:

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Need to promote it!
Add Object Tools Todo

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But that is different, I talk about to have primitives in the scene, not different ways to create meshes.

You mean more in a way of any custom parametric object like Houdini?
If so then the answer will probably be: THat’s what everything nodes will be for in the distant future.


Probably could be a good proposal for devs doing the everything nodes. Allow custom input mesh nodes primitives.

But I mean basically to have objects that can be edited by the plugins.

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Ah. Now I see what you mean.
In that case I’m out. :sweat_smile: