Why are these settings for curve deform in the curve data? (Suggestion)


In the curve properties window Blender gives the options for Radius, Stretch, Bounds Clamp.

These handle how a Curve modifier on a different object deforms its mesh.
Afaik they do nothing without a modifier somewhere else, which means its kind of backwards designed. So I wonder why these arent found in the curve deform modifier instead. What do I miss?

By moving these 3 options to the modifier, users have the modifier control settings in one place, which makes more sense.
The bigger benefit is that we are able to change these settings per object instead of per curve, means a single curve + data can be used for different deform settings. For example stretching a road on a curve and placing separated details on the same curve without stretch.

I think the issue I describe has similarities to some settings for the Follow Path Constraint which we wouldnt prefer to have bound on curve data:



nurbs and surfaces need some love …
There are good hopes now, with the new warriors of precision modeling and better snapping tools …
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