Which keymap do you use? (poll)

Hi, we’re interested to know which key-maps users are running.

  • Blender Default Keymap
  • Blender 2.7x Keymap
  • Industry Compatible Keymap
  • Other/Personal Keymap

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Blender 2.8 default with some 2.79 old hotkeys. But I suppose that Blender Default is the best option to vote.

I am learning so the Default Keymap is the best one for me.

I use Blender Default (2.8x) with right click select.


Same here. I also change the Activate Gizmo to -> Drag (so I can select things behind the Gizmos easily), and check the Tab for Pie Menu.

This question should be asked in a more popular forum, no? Maybe even on Blender’s twitter page.
I think you would get a more “realistic” result on those places.

Anyway, custom keymap here, of course.

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Yeah, probably. Although there could be a lot of casual users too.

I think maybe a form would be most appropriate, so we can gather the keymap used, the kind of usage (modeling, shading, vfx, etc.), the amount of usage (casual, pro, etc.), since how much time ago they use Blender, and if they come from other software or started with Blender.

Most people will stick to the default until they learn how to customize it, but what promoted this interest though? is it to remove one of them?

Mine is mix of them all =Personal.
Default(majority of modes) + ICK Navigation+ RCS for pose mode only and many other modification to various editors…

Currently default with a few own custom changes.
I have to admit that I only actually found out that the industry compatible list is already implemented. So I won’t vote, yet because I really need to give the IC layout a good try first.

It’s weird how I never took notice of actually looking for it in the setting despite reading about it in the discussions for more than a year now. :man_facepalming:

I use default one. The reason is simple - the majority of learning materials are made for it. And when I was switching the industry compatible one was only on a paper. Started using Blender from 2.8.