Where is (Un)Lock camera and collections? (previously Lock camera and layers)

My friend uses the Blender 2.7 interface itself to host DnD games, where each player gets a different view, a different camera and different layers each, in multiple windows. That’s where this little button comes into play, disabling it allows you to have different layers and active cameras per 3d viewport
I can’t find it in 2.8, but I assume the functionality is still there, considering that the option to set a Local Camera is still in the N sidebar, just greyed out as it would be if the option were turned on by default. Sadly, I’m not versed in the Blender API enough to toggle it with a command line and see if it works.

So either I’m blind and the button is there (my apologies if it is), or it was removed, hopefully temporarily, as the new collection system was still being implemented and things were still too green.

So, A) Is it there?
B) If it isn’t, please tell me it will come back :sob:

If that’s the case, I’ll make a design proposal in RightClickSelect about it
Thank you!!

(P.S. Sadly Viewlayers don’t cut it. since they are per main window, not per 3d view, and do nothing about the cameras)

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Anyone? :slightly_frowning_face:

I believe, current status is B) as same as you, I afraid if there is already option, which can offer almost same thing by collection and view layer, if so, . I hope to know.

As for me, the local camera (and local layers ) of each 3d view windows in blender 2.7 have some issue (or I hope it will be improved) to work with outliner. (Outliner could only show, render layers and could not show hieralchy about each window with use the option.

so sometimes I forget actually which objects are currently visible in each local window and camera.
I can not remember ,which layer have which objects etc,.and which obj I set as hidden,

But I epxpect 2.8 outliner can be more smart, then can show individual 3d view window hielralchy. when it is active.

Though It is just my expectation of official release 2.8. And I still can not find real usability of layer and correction. (I know it have many possibility, but not find clear workflow still.

Then quite a few user already requested same thing, and developer already know, user hope it.
but I do not know when it will return.


This was said by Pablo in one Blender Today stream, that option is not still present in 2.8 Beta, but it seems it will come back during the Beta.


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Now that there is a popover for collection visibility in each 3dview, we don’t really need the outliner to manage what each 3dview sees. It’s fine if the outliner just shows the visibility of the collections in the current viewlayer, not of every 3dview. All we need is an option per 3dview to specify if the visible collections should always sync with the viewlayer or not

I see, if outliner work so, it is enough to check current view window collections.
and it will show current window “locked local camera” as active.

I know each aprication have original aspect, and usually it is not good to compare with others when request.
But about blender 2.8 I often hear “standard”. So It may not bad I request about camera and view
with use other aprication.

eg in daz studio , each window can set different camera individually and if I set the window as active
window border will be highlighted. and when render, render camera change correspond with the window view camera.

I think, it seems more simple, active window (when it was locked as camera view) decide which camera will be used for render. of course I may prefer to change way when I need to set camera for each frame.
and if we can choose “view camera” by drop down menu, (or set short cut, shift + 0 show drop down to choose camera for 3d view) it should be new user frendly.

I do not have real professional expensive 3d aprcications, (I am not students, then can not use them for test )
but some free 3d apricaiton show more simple way to set camera and view.

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That’s pretty cool. My opinion is that the toggle should be relatively hidden, so they’re not accidentally clicked. Maybe in the N panel.

The two features could be separated, one toggle for the collections called “Use viewlayer collections” and another toggle for the camera called “Use scene camera”, both enabled by default.

Oh! Local camera is back!

Yep local camera is in the view panel under properties

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To be more accurate, it’s in the Sidebar (N) under View > Use Local Camera