Where is color sampler in texture paint mode?

there is no way to sample color value in color picker in texture paint mode in 2.91… wtf who ■■■■■■■ deleted that

What you mean exactly? :thinking:

if I use color red of certain hue value and then change color to something else how can i sample the color red to be again the painting color for brush of same color hue etc… coz now i need manually try to find the color I used in color wheel

Sampling color like that?

You can also just press “S”…



oh, thanks … haven’t used 2.91 painting for a while and couldn’t find it :stuck_out_tongue:

No problem… :sunglasses:

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Which is always recommended because “color picker/pipette” works by default as Sample Merged and therefore it samples viewport shading, something you don’t want in Texture Paint mode. This problem was never fixed in Blender.


Wait what? I am not sure I understood this correctly.
Is there a way to get Blender pic the true color of a vertex instead of the merged screen value (other than switching to workbench/color display first)?
Is there a difference in using the ‘s’ key instead of ‘e’ oder the color picker field?

“S” Key takes the real color, pipette does not. When you press S key you will see minimized the operator menu on the lower left corner in viewport. There “Sample Merged” is disabled by default and that is why it takes the real color. But this behavior was like this in 2.7 too, that’s why I said that this was never fixed.

Ah, you were talking about Vertex Paint. No, the problem is worse there. “S” key always acts as “Sample merged” ON.
I have talked about all this many times but have not managed to get the attention of developers. Probably not even considered a bug:

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This works as intended. It was requested by me many years ago. Sampling with shading information is important for handpainted textures. And sampling from texture is important if you work with layers. Do not brak things you dont understand.

Can you explain how that is important?
Viewport shading is unreal, it is something that only depends on viewport. You can then get something totally different in the final render or spoil your paint job. There is no point in sampling colors other than the real colors of the texture if you are picking the color from the object you are working on.