Where did double sided normals disappeared?

Can’t find double sided normals on object data --> Normals.

Where did it go?
How do I make double face normals in 2.8?

Double sided lighting is always enabled now. Note that this option was often confused with backface culling, which is something else.

What you mean specifically by “double face normals” is unclear to me.

Sorry, I meant double sided normals.
So basically if I need to export with double sided normals I won’t have any issues with backface culling?

Materials have a backface culling option, which is off by default. So if the exporter respects that option, it should work ok.

Thanks, that’s clear it for me

How does that go down with nvidia cards nowadays? I know that this still has a huge performance impact on 2.7 with a gtx1060 that i use, so i can only use double sided on specific objects where i need it.
Has this been fundamentaly changed in 2.8 so it does not impact performance anymore with nvidia cards?

The lighting works entirely different in 2.8, it’s no longer an issue.

that is great to hear:D

Tried to export a GLB file and it seems that the backface culling is on, do you know if there is any way to tell the experter to respect the double sided normals?
Or, if there is plan to add it to the experter later on?

(I had to solidify the plane to avoid backface culling, thing that is not ideal)

As far as I know the GLTF exporter is supposed to take into account the material backface culling option. If not you can report a bug.

Thanks for your reply, it does look on the online viewers that the backfaces are off.
I probably need to check my engine.

Thanks Brecht you rock!

@brecht when you say:

Materials have a backface culling option

what do you mean? Does the principled material have such an option for example? Double sided normals were really useful to export to game engines for example where it makes sense to have backface culling enabled by default

It’s a material setting, the Principled BSDF is a shader node.

Ah I see, this is not very practical when exporting to game engines though, before everything used backface culling by default and you enabled double sided for those materials or meshes that needed it but now backface culling is disabled by default so when exporting everything will be double sided which is quite a performance hit in a game engine and you have to remember to enable backface culling for for every material.

Once you get use to it it is fine, and works great

Perhaps, an option that would be compatible with the current way of doing it while making it easier to use for people exporting to game engines would be to have a user preference that allowed to have a default for backface culling to true, so every new material defaults to that.

hey well since material back face culling is disabled by default, exporting it into unity should mean that backface culling should be disabled there WRONG nope it’s still disabled there I tried everything I could and yet it wont work this is really annoying me because those fuckers at unity didn’t add an option to disable backface culling and so I’m running up and down like someone who doesn’t know right from left and left from right just trying to look for answers

also I don’t want to go back to my mesh then duplicate the polygons then flip normals one because I’ve already made quite a chunk of models with LoDs and I don’t want to burst anymore blood vessels doing that painstakingly repetitive task

please help I’m running out of time and this is taking longer than I expected it to be

sorry if was hard to read or came of as aggressive I’m just annoyed and just running out of time