When will ctrl+z become fast?

(being like that for like 3 minutes now, after doing undo in weight painting few steps)
if it would at least use my pc resources to do undo… but the program just freezes.

I’m sure there’s a lot to do etc.

I respect that.

But program becoming unresponsive after every “undo”… is there any foreseeable deadline for it to change?

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It’s definitely one of the big problems in Blender and it’s on the developer’s radar, so expect improvements in 2.8x versions, I think (always take plans with a grain of salt!). However you can be sure many users have reported this and they are aware of it. It’s probably a big project to undertake a rewrite of the undo system, so it’s not going to happen right now for the 2.80 release.


Also check this (see the links I provided there):