Whats wrong with outliner development still?

hi i just want ask you what is the reason to have disable in in viewports button and collection checkboc if they doesnt have any effect?

i just building scene with many rigid bodys and they are still calculated . i thought this has been long time fixed. but i see the white screen button in outliner doesnt work. and the checkbox for collection too. so thats same like hide . this is very bad… when it will be fixed finaly ?

and dear devs please could you stop say its feature request if reporting for half finished work? one example i give if i select many objects and hold ALT and click on disable in viewports then it its all fine but if i want enable them then its not working . so have to enable by 1 by 1 . same in graph editor, ALT button not working for multiple curves key value changing.

what sense is it to make half feature and then call it finished?

there was so many examples where you added few years later instead of finish the feature fully. like material window… i dont see any logic there…

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