What's the correct branch for latest 2.7* builds?

That was last updated in 2017. I am pretty sure Microsoft has either backtracked on this or at least unofficially stopped asserting that PowerShell is meant to replace Command Prompt. Now, the brand new Windows Terminal is meant to replace/encompass all of them, and to some extent Microsoft is even suggesting that WSL/Linux Bash replaces both Cmd and PowerShell, at least as indicated by their development focus and feature announcements.

Yes Thanks your report. And my first reply is simply to tell Zaif,he need to add “.” (back slash" to use batch, or run exe from comand shell. it is what I have done. not only for blender build, but to use many exe or batch file from power shell.

So I had no intention to against blender developer. and I do not complain at all, if blender dveloper recommend to use command prompt, and not support when user build with power shell.

At same time, most of new user may not find command prompt but power shell about windows 10 default set-up, They do not know difference clear. so If someone can take time, add document in wiki, about command prompt and windows 10, and discirbe, not support power shell to build .

after all, now I made 2 short cut for blender git directory of CMD, as developer suggested, then without use cd, I can use batch command to build.

Microsoft guidance is mostly irrelevant here, we wrote our documentation and scripts to use cmd.exe, we explicitly say so in our documentation, follow it to the letter and you will be fine, and if not i’ll go out of my way to resolve any issues you have.

If you want to go off script, and use powershell, git bash, wsl’s sh, or anything else cause you like it better, good for you, however we just don’t have the time and resources to support that kind of thing, can it be done? probably, should i sink time into it just because it’s your favorite thing and you are unwilling to follow instructions? Yeah probably not.

You’re asking for something that is already there, I’ll quote you the EXACT text from our building instructions.

Then open the command prompt window by hitting Windows+R, and then typing cmd, or by searching for it in the start menu.

Yes I know, but do not you belive it or not, there are user who use power shell, even though you discribe " Then open the command prompt window by hitting Windows+R, and then typing cmd, or by searching for it in the start menu."

As for you, there is clear document, then it is OK, but as for some user, they may think,
so it means we can use power shell, and they know how open power shell without follow your disciritpion. eg, on the blender directory, with use shift + r-click then it open command shell (windows 10) about windows 7 or 8, I remember it open command prompt. as for you, these 2 are different tool, but as for me, they are almost do same thing.

Then I ask not you. because I already understand, you have no intention to add about it already … or you are only developer who decide what should discribe in wiki ?

The wiki is open to all devs with commit access, The issue here is people don’t read, and i’m not convinced adding more text that people won’t read is gonna help.

Also i’m not convinced explaining to people what not to do at every turn is the way to go, for instance, my gps says turn left, it doesn’t say turn left, don't turn right, don't go straight, don't stop, don't pull over it expects people following directions, our build instructions are not that different in that regard. Read them, follow them and you’ll be fine.

No I have read your discription again and again, but I just thought when I read it, , it means I can use power shell just because I do not have knowledge about difference…

I had experienced same problems, when some tool need to use command prompt .

After up-grade to windows 10, even though I follow the guide,windows 10 open power shell, because it is written for windows 7 and 8. after experience it, I simply believed I can use power shell when someone discribe to use command prompt.

most of real beginner,they do not know difference,. so if you think it is fault who use power shell, even though you guide to use command prompt, I do not think so. it may happen often if the user have used power shell, just because they do not know clear difference. (but they know, how to run batch, with power shell)

They simply miss understand power shell may work as same as command prompt.
so you say “use command prompt” = “use power shell windows 10” it is not their fault.
and it never means they do not read document. they simply miss understand.

Then if I were you, I have experienced, there are user who may hope to use power shell (simply because, They think power shell = windows 10 command prompt)
I may take time, add more caution for windows 10 user, to use command prompt not power shell.

These thing often happen when offer document or tutoriall. of course I know all work is volanteer So it is free, you say you have no time for those guys who do not follow your kind discription but try to use another tool. and think it is "funny"

If you are only developer , I really disappointted. but fortunately there are many developer. so I hope to keep support blender as stray user.
As for me, your atttude is more funny. because I had no intentiion to blame you. but just hope to tell, way to use power shell (for run batch etc)

but you directly reply me, then discirbe as if I do not read your document at all.
and say funny as if I stray around. and you said me,

you want to stray from it,that’s cool but don’t expect me to spend time getting you out of a hole you your self dug.

when I expect you take time for me? and when I ask you to teach me what?

I planed to ask developer how to return master, after change branch with git.
it often cause problem for me. . But for your replys , I almost lost will to ask something developer. I do not hope,when ask something in public forum, developer blame and say I take your important time. but after all I do not ask you. all right?

I cannot reproduce this behavior on a fresh install of 1903

using the start->Run method

That’s without a doubt cmd, not power shell.

perhaps from the start menu then?

Allright, perhaps i should search for ‘command prompt’ ?

Nope that is still cmd.

I’m willing to take your word that perhaps when you search for command prompt in the start menu it may start power shell for you (can’t repro it, but hey i’ll believe you) but i have a hard time believing that if you use run->cmd that you get powershell.

If you can confirm run->cmd indeed starts cmd, I’ll happily remove the ‘or search in the start menu’ bit from the instructions.

When I said, follow command your guide it open power shell?

I said, even though you correctly guide how to open command prompt if user have used power shell, they just use power shell with their way.

when open command prompt with current directory, most easy way was shift + r-click and serch command prompt. I have used the way. but it not worked windows 10
but open power shell. then when I serched document, it discirbed mircrosoft recommend to use power shell. So I simply follow the rule.

What I really do not know, why you need to use bad word, when people ask something? if you can not take time, just leave it off without retrun cold words.
nayone hope to against blender developer I think. if they miss , or not follow official document, you can guide it more kind way.

I could not believe, why you needed to say funny or stray etc at all.

What I means “follow the guide” I said it was my experience. so it not means your proud blender building wiki, it is really kind and almost no novice may fail to build, if you are correct.

if you blame something, you may better read what others write, as same as you expect it users.

I had experienced same problems, when some tool need to use command prompt .

After up-grade to windows 10, even though I follow the guide,windows 10 open power shell, because it is written for windows 7 and 8. after experience it, I simply believed I can use power shell when someone discribe to use command prompt.

so you thought (miss understand), what I discribe,?

I’m direct, but i don’t remember any instances of using bad words, if i have i apologize.

Support is on my terms, any support you get is on a volunteer basis, the people helping you take time out of their day and don’t get payed for it. Hence the support you get is very narrow sure i can take an hour out of my day to figure out what is making power shell unhappy, or i take 2 minutes to just tell you to follow the documentation and use cmd as that is a time proven way to build blender.

Of course you do not need to help me, even though support is your terms… but as I said, I do not ask anything about this problem. I just discribed what I have felt about power shell usage for same user who seems try to build with power shell.

I have believed, there is no problem when user use power shell in spite of command prompt to build blender, so it is new for me. And I said already, as for me, use power shell or use command prompt is not problem at all.

so if blender need to run batch with comand shell I simply follow instruction dev team recommend. then if you said so I follow rule.

But as one stray user, I think, there should be user who use power shell in spite of command prompt as same as me without intention. I really read again and again, when I try to build blender first time, but I failed often, to get svn etc.

Though you said , you have no intention, I felt your reply is joking me.

I know you are person, who often ask to test for windows about bug report… then sometimes my report is test by you. OK anyway, If I miss understand, I apologize you need not.

I updated the documentation to more explicitly state you need to run cmd.exe, and removed the option to search in the start menu.

Thanks you to take your time. So there may be at least 5 or 6 person, who did not follow your instruction, but trirf to use shell, now change their thinking and follow your guide.

I forget why I reply you again and again sorry. maybe I am too old guy then miss understand, so forget please . I apologize if you feel bad.

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