What's the correct branch for latest 2.7* builds?

It looks like master is now the frontier of 2.8 work. Where is the 2.7 frontier? I see some release branches (e.g. blender-v2.79-release, blender-v2.79a-release, blender-v2.79b-release) but I thought I had seen in one of Pablo’s videos that it would move to blender2.79 or some such.

I still use builds for 2.79 to get access to things like the principled hair BSDF.

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from the bf-comitters list

Thanks. I already had 2.8 building fine off of master. I had to do a pull before my other working directory could find the blender2.7 branch, which is what was failing when I wrote my original post. Sigh. Thanks for the clear message.

I hope to know correct manner to get “blender2.7 branch” source and build,
Can someone help me please (I am windows 10 user)?
I tried to follow blender wiki building blender, and it work to build blender 2.8 (current master), So I believe just change something to build 2.79 (current branch)

I already download pre-compiled libraries of svn, for 2.7 directory,
and download all tools.

(I have build 2 versions, untill developer change 2.8 as new master, and 2.7 as branch)
so just hope to know correct manner, to get source and build branch versions.

  1. I made new git derectory for 2.79 separately from 2.8(master) then change directory.
    cd C:\blender-279-git

2 clone 2.7 branch sorce files (or any branch name what I need)
git clone -b blender2.7 git://git.blender.org/blender.git

What I can not sure , , is
3, 4.5 steps, in wiki,
git submodule update --init --recursive
git submodule foreach git checkout master
git submodule foreach git pull --rebase origin master

can I use same Git actions for 2.79 branch local repository or I need to change some part?

Before I simply use same actions for 2.8 branch (it was branch), and it worked,
but I hope to know, it is correct way to build branch too.

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Just run make update. That will run the appropriate commands depending on the branch.

I see, these steps were not needed if I had one git local, and keep it. (just delete changed 2.8 branch)

But I removed repositories,

I understand, it is not usuall, but I hoped to separate 2.7 and 2.8 local git repositories, and always keep both version blender.exe builds , in each “blender” sub-folda of 2 git-repositories.

And this time, I only needed to build 2.7 from scratch with new git repostiories (I only use this repository to build 2.7 branch),then follow wiki again.
after all I use same action, (3.4.5) it seems work for me. and next time when I need to update, I simply use make update, for each local.

Just follow our regular building instructions but checkout the blender2.7 branch instead of master.

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If you are just not good with building stuff there is nightly builds available here for all platforms we support.

If you are determined to build your self, just follow the guide as usual, with two little changes.

after this bit

cd C:\blender-git
git clone git://git.blender.org/blender.git
cd blender


git checkout blender2.7

and keep following the guide as usual

git submodule update --init --recursive
git submodule foreach git checkout master
git submodule foreach git pull --rebase origin master

followed by

make update

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you’re not following the wiki closely enough the folder is in in this pc\downloads\git repositorys\git-blender-32\ that is not where the wiki tells you to do things.

you have to options here, depending on how much bandwidth you have available

  1. in your last screenshot, make a lib folder there, and move windows_vc14 into it.

  2. skip this step all together, and move on to calling make.bat , it will notice the libraries being missing and offer to download the dependencies for you in the correct place.

2 will use more bandwidth but it’s the easiest of the two.

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It be easier if we stick to language we both speak, Spanish is not one of them.

on the command prompt (which is cmd.exe btw as the wiki instructs, NOT powershell!)


cd c:\users\courtney\Git-Repositorys\git-blender\blender
git checkout blender2.7
make update
make full builddir blender27_build

and you should end up with a blender 2.7 build.

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Read the section titled “Suggestion”, right after the error message you boxed in yellow.
Hint: it is a path issue.

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Stop using powershell


Follow our building wiki. Don’t use powershell

Listen to your Uncle LazyDodo, for he is ancient and full of build wisdom.

Disclaimer: I don’t use Powershell for anything.
But from the error message, Powershell is the problem. Namely, that it doesn’t run commands that are in the current directory. This is a security feature. Most Unix shells are set up like this by default.

If you want to run make from the current directory, you need to do \.make like the Suggestion says. No guarantees you will not hit other problems using Powershell.

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Actually the way is what windows and power shell user do.
Of course I have not planned to use power shell, but about windows 10 , it is default and recommend to use power shell, in spite of use command prompt.

Then without we tweak around windows 10 setting, command prompt is hidden from usuall menu. eg we can easy launch power shell on the directory, from windows flle exploer. with shift + r-clcik sub menu. before there was command prompt. windows 10 change the menu to open power shell.

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The wiki was written as way so almost any novice can build blender without issues (at-least on windows). And funny enough it’s almost never the novices who run into issues, it’s generally the more experienced people that stray from our instructions, (use a different shell, skip commands they deem unimportant etc etc) and then run into trouble and then we spend time getting them back on track.

I’ll happily help anyone build as long as they follow the wiki, you want to stray from it,that’s cool but don’t expect me to spend time getting you out of a hole you your self dug.

Sorry to be this harsh, but i have a finite amount of time, and i’ll happily guarantee i’ll help anyone with issues building blender, but we’re gonna build it my way, not yours.

as for 32 bit and 64 bit builds

make full x86 will always give you a 32 bit build
make full x64 will always give you a 64 bit build
make full will detect if you are on 32 or 64 bit windows and build the best version for you

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As for me, I have no problem about power shell, but if build with power shell may cause issue, and developer do not recommend, I use “command prompt.” thanks.

at same time, microsoft recommend to use power shell in spite of command prompt.
it is simple fact.


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we don’t, also simple fact.

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why I said simple fact, that is reason why some user use power shell withotu intention,even though wiki dicribe to use “command prompt”
But I think you and I can not get good conversation. so I stop anymore.
and I may hope not ask you something directly.

So if you find I ask something in forum, you may need not reply me. it seems good for us.

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