What's the correct branch for latest 2.7* builds?


It looks like master is now the frontier of 2.8 work. Where is the 2.7 frontier? I see some release branches (e.g. blender-v2.79-release, blender-v2.79a-release, blender-v2.79b-release) but I thought I had seen in one of Pablo’s videos that it would move to blender2.79 or some such.

I still use builds for 2.79 to get access to things like the principled hair BSDF.


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Thanks. I already had 2.8 building fine off of master. I had to do a pull before my other working directory could find the blender2.7 branch, which is what was failing when I wrote my original post. Sigh. Thanks for the clear message.


I hope to know correct manner to get “blender2.7 branch” source and build,
Can someone help me please (I am windows 10 user)?
I tried to follow blender wiki building blender, and it work to build blender 2.8 (current master), So I believe just change something to build 2.79 (current branch)

I already download pre-compiled libraries of svn, for 2.7 directory,
and download all tools.

(I have build 2 versions, untill developer change 2.8 as new master, and 2.7 as branch)
so just hope to know correct manner, to get source and build branch versions.

  1. I made new git derectory for 2.79 separately from 2.8(master) then change directory.
    cd C:\blender-279-git

2 clone 2.7 branch sorce files (or any branch name what I need)
git clone -b blender2.7 git://git.blender.org/blender.git

What I can not sure , , is
3, 4.5 steps, in wiki,
git submodule update --init --recursive
git submodule foreach git checkout master
git submodule foreach git pull --rebase origin master

can I use same Git actions for 2.79 branch local repository or I need to change some part?

Before I simply use same actions for 2.8 branch (it was branch), and it worked,
but I hope to know, it is correct way to build branch too.


Just run make update. That will run the appropriate commands depending on the branch.


I see, these steps were not needed if I had one git local, and keep it. (just delete changed 2.8 branch)

But I removed repositories,

I understand, it is not usuall, but I hoped to separate 2.7 and 2.8 local git repositories, and always keep both version blender.exe builds , in each “blender” sub-folda of 2 git-repositories.

And this time, I only needed to build 2.7 from scratch with new git repostiories (I only use this repository to build 2.7 branch),then follow wiki again.
after all I use same action, (3.4.5) it seems work for me. and next time when I need to update, I simply use make update, for each local.