What would setting W as the way to default exit out of other tools cause in terms of conflict?

edit: i goofed and deselected toolsetbyname.
though a pie menu would be nice for circle/lasso and box
over the cycle.

say you set W to not cycle through and only select the plain selector. I find myself always having to mouse to the selector icon to exit out of other tools. example when i use poly build. to exit i hit select icon. i suppose I could set Select tool to my quick favorites. press q and then selector.

i’d like W as my exit and like crtl+w to cycle box circl lasso sel.

is this a bad idea? (for modeling purposes)

this post would also like to cover the merits of making W or selector the default form for segwaying out of various tools. (or as an option like the right or left click preference)
I also think putting circle box and lasso on a pie wheel would be handy.

This sounds similar to Modo’s concept of “dropping a tool”. Once you’ve activated the tool in the viewport, then made your edits you’d “drop” the tool, returning you back to selection mode. I believe Q is the actual key to do this, however most people press the Spacebar, which normally cycles through the component modes (vert/edge/face).

well i realized i goofed and deselected toolsetbyname.
and so it messed everything up

i changed toolsetbyname config to no cycle & Select, now works fine.

now it’s just a question of putting the other selectors inside a pie menu