What things need to be integrated with nodes ( best possibilities ) and a new types of node system

The new procedural modeling approach with the geometry nodes are awesome, and many more possibilities started to appear

Simulation nodes :
We all know that how complex the simulation system is in the original state and can restrict the creativity of a user and is not at all easy to understand, a simpler approach can be aimed by making a node integrated system of simulation which can add upon the creativity of a user even with the least creativity and can produce high end results and to enhance the workflow blender should add up a.i simulations which can produce very fast results and when viewing final result then can bake the simulation for final render and will be really powerful.

Animation nodes :
The idea is driven out of the animation node add-on that allowed us to animate things using nodes but was very complex and use a lot of technical inputs from the user and was difficult to learn and make it took a lot of prototyping to get the desired result and was not always fruitful to animate and motion graphics was actually turned into a very complex thing to do, there is a mandatory look required on this topic and should be taken into attention.

Particle system nodes :
Blender’s particle system is very complex and causes many glitches, if this is turned into a node based system then an enhance the outputs from the particles and can also result in much better outcomes, also opening doors to less calculations and more creativity.

Besides the traditional node system for animation, i have created an idea for a new type of node system which can work to produce procedural movement to rigged objects.

this will work by taking in the movement information from a collection of nodes and then apply to an object of bone or a collection and then the data will b given to the output node and the main principal node can fill in a many nodes as needed pretty much like scratch blocks and pallets and will work to make organic motion more easy and fast.

I think so that blender should have these things as nodes

Your nodes are looking good

Simulation and Particle nodes should be part of Geometry nodes as they technically should operate on the same domain.

Having all of the GeoNodes available to sim context for both points and geo is how you build something incredibly flexible/procedural and long-lasting.


The better option is create a same system node animation like Niagara on UNREAL ENGINE, but the difference hese is create for blender, because UE have the best system for animate / smoke / fluid / gaz etc… And it’s totally open source ! You can spot some functionnality and integarte it on blender with news animation system like NIAGARA !

geo nodes are procedural but non destructive and to simulate something you need to transform the topology thus i think it can not be integrated with the geo nodes