What scale am I at?

Are we going to get the indicator back in the view port that tells you what scale of the grid you are working at? In 2.9 as you zoom into an object it will tell you if the graticule scale is meters, centimeters, millimeters etc. Really useful for modeling…

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I’ve been quite vocal regarding this. Check out this thread. All the necessary links are there. Make some noise.

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I have made a post on Blender.Today. The noise is on.


Are we any closer to getting scale information back in the viewport?

I’m guessing not. The bug report page has no activity the last time I’ve mentioned it to you. All the while more recent bugs of equal priority are getting fixed. I just don’t get it. The patch is there. It just needs to be reviewed. Why not review and accept??

Yes, its rather frustrating. I do a lot of zooming in and out in architectural visualization and from time to time loose my place. It is very frustrating to model an item and realize you have been relying on grid lines that are mm apart instead of cm. I have no idea why something so fundamental to the work space is not dealt with. Things like positioning of icons and menu items and more cosmetic things seem to be of more importance than knowing at a glance what scale you are in… go figure?

Maybe it is just to much to ask people to take 20min out of their coding lives to restore a simple feature… Yep, that’s how I feel.

Can you share a link to the patch?

All relevant links are in this bug report.

I’m with you. Apparently the rest of the blender users are ok with just eyeballing shit. Most don’t model with units that’s why this doesn’t get more attention.

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Dear devs, this cannot be left out of the initial 2.8 release. Can this be reviewed please? @Hypersomniac @ideasman42 @brecht

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This is a vital part of the overall idea of precision modeling in Blender.

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This will be added back, but it won’t be for 2.80, we have been in UI/feature freeze for a while.

That’s disappointing to hear knowing various cosmetic changes are still being committed despite the so-called UI freeze. This is not a new feature but a leftover. It’s a tiny text info that’s immensely important to certain workflows.

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Is there news on this?

This is an important feature, indeed. Please do consider giving it priority for the next release, if possible.

This has been addressed as of 22 hrs ago. :slight_smile: Thank you @mano-wii


Ah cool. Didn’t see that! Thanks! :smiley: