What is the point of non-recursive clean up options?

Can anyone explain to me what is the point of non-recursive versions of the cleanup operators?
Who in their right mind would ever want to use a non recursive one? Non-recursive in this context just means broken, or not doing the job completely.

The non-recursive versions currently serve only two purposes:

  1. The clutter the clean up menu section UI
  2. They confuse new users

The non-recursive operators need to be removed and the recursive operators just need to have the word “recursive” removed from their names. Right now, we have UI bloated with options no one wants to use or should use.


I always run both of them, simply because I want everything unused gone and have no idea which one I should use in a given situation. (Which does illustrate the point you’re making.)

Further, the first choice should add the word “ALL” for a more clear description, and have the adjective at the beginning of the phrase:

  • All Unused Data-Blocks
  • Linked Unused Data-Blocks
  • Local Unused Data-Blocks