What is the future of animation?

What is the future of animation?

What is the future of animation? Above we have some very interesting examples of character animation using traditional 3D animation mix added to motion capture and things like physics-based animation and neural networks to improve animation quality even in real-time gaming.

I think of things like:
A tool that allows you to add variations in the keyframes of a cyclic animation so that it does not become repetitive;
A tool to mix two animations to make the transition from one animation to another, such as to move between a walk and a race using 2 or 3 walkcycles at different speeds;
Animation using Sculpt Mode (and even grease pencil strokes) to help deform character and control quality automated morph (shapekeys) animations, perhaps using Laplace deformation as well;
Sculpture for physical simulations, such as: Particles, softbody, rigidbody, ocean, smoke, fluid and cloth simulation;
Animation using motion capture of VR controls or a stylus or mouse to determine not only the movement with the positioning and rotation of an object, but mainly the speed of the animation without having to adjust the keyframes. Something like a 2D / 3D trace recording. Editable, like the path borne by the object, just like the Motion Trail. And you could specifically define the speed of the animation and determine it by the movement of the mouse or other tool, either using the timeline or 3D view.


This is fantastic. I hope this kind of tech can be looked into being worked into the DNA of Blender’s animation system when Animation 2020 rolls around.

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I would just like to update the post saying that the name of the technique is DEEP MIMIC! I don’t know how I forgot to mention it! It looks like she uses pybullet and TensorFlow Agents, machine learning with reinforcement that I think involves neural networks (correct me if I’m wrong) and it will be very important for games and robotics going forward! Waiting for news like this in Blender!

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