What I want to see in Blender 2.8


Blender has many features to be attractive to architects, but there are some drawbacks that prevent many architects from using it to model architectural environments. If these drawbacks are removed, Blender will win over many users in the architecture and building industry. If Blender conquers architecture and building offices, it will have monetary benefits for its own development. Large companies in the architecture and construction business that pay annually to use proprietary software would pay for the development of Blender.

According to Mark Pickavance, SketchUp is among the programs that most stood out in 2018, but nevertheless, Blender has everything to be better for architecture office, apart from some hindrances.

The Obstacles

As a user of Blender and SketchUp I will speak because I prefer Sketchup in some situations. Although the modeling in both is simple, I still prefer to model in Sketchup because Blender’s “extrude” command still does not have the power to model as the SketcUp push / pull. This tool makes all the difference when it comes to modeling and job performance. I know there is Extrude-and-Reshape and destructive extrude, but they are third-party addons and I would like to have this official.

Another command that makes all the difference in modeling precision is the “line” that I think corresponds to Blender’s “knife”. The knife needs more precision so that it has the length and position I want.

Blender lacks a tool to generate terrain based on the level curve. If it exists I do not know it. You need to have a report with area model, volume, and length information.

For me this change in Blender 2.8 would convince me to use only Blender modeling and rendering.

The text was originally written in Portuguese and translated by google translator.


Yeah, many people are crying for a Push / Pull feature native in blender.

Many votes. :v:

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