What happened to transform tools click anywhere?


during code quest, there was a great idea to have new move, rotate and scale tools to activate screen space transform anytime user clicks and drags outside of the gizmo.

I am running latest 2.8 windows build as of now, have reset all the settings to factory defaults, yet when I select move, rotate or scale tool on the left panel, clicking anywhere outside does nothing…? Why?

In move, it used to move in screen space, in scale, it used to scale uniformly and in rotate, it used to rotate along view axis. This was great since I could very quickly switch the transform actions without having to travel my mouse cursor all the way to the transform gizmo.

Also, when will there finally be entries for the new left panel tools in the input editor? I’ve noticed keymap assignments of those are now handled by some (I hope temporary) tool_set_by_name command, but I am still unable to assign actions of these tools to correct mouse buttons.


No one? Am I missing something? So was this intentionally removed or it just temporarily doesn’t work? :frowning:

One more thing,

the fact that this no longer works means also regression of this issue:

It pretty much means it’s borderline impossible to use scale manipulator for uniform scaling, since the central ring is very small and scaling sensitivity is based on the distance of the mouse cursor from the active center point, on top of which the manipulator is drawn. So uniform scaling using scale manipulator is always bound to be so sensitive it’s out of control.

So can someone, please, tell me what’s going on in here?

This ridiculous behavior, which made scale manipulator uniform handle pretty much unusable https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z162Mb-ST9M
was supposed to be fixed by new transform manipulators accepting input from anywhere in the viewport to perform central handle action. Then, this was reverted in one of the recent builds, which means that the poor behavior of the scale manipulator is back to having no solution. In the video, I am literally moving the mouse cursor by individual pixels yet I can’t get precise enough scale increments.

I mean come one, basics, like transform manipulators need to work in 2.8!

@ideasman42 can probably explain why it changed here. But note these manipulators are still heavily work in progress, and you should not assume anything to be stable until we call it a beta release.

This can only be a glitch, cuz this is very important, also that’s how it works on most 3d apps out there. :wink:

It’s not a glitch. The sensitivity of scale transform operation in Blender is defined by the distance from the active center point. And in Blender, scale manipulator is always drawn exactly where the active center point is, so the scale circle is always right near the center point, and therefore your cursor will inevitably always be placed very close to the active center point when starting the scale operation, resulting in sensitivity that is just out of control.

I guess I used the wrong word, I meant bug, which I hope will be fixed soon, cuz this is crucial for the implementation of the industry standard keymap. :v: