What do you think about Material X and a possible implementation in Blender?

Hi there.

I’ve been seeing some things about Material X and it seems to be VERY similar to Substances, just under an truly open standard, devs, what do you think about it?

Material X github for reference:


Hi Juan,

I am a big fan of Material X, it’s quite new and promises a good connection between several software packages.

If there are any priorities, USD and Open Timeline IO by Pixar look far more intuitive than Material X. But as a sopen source power house it would be great if Blender can implement as many open source libraries as possible.

Autodesk and Substance will support Material X soon:

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Yes, that video was one of the things I say about Material X, it’s quite obvious, at least for me, that is like Substance, but open source (I may be wrong, and it could have some differences, but since Substance is going to support it, it probably is similar).

Regarding the USD and Open Timeline IO, those are completely different things, and I bet they will be (and are, in case of USD) developed by different people, so I don’t think there is an overlap there :slight_smile:

And I see that the original BoF talk is online now:

the presentation is here:

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I hope this gets attention soon, bumping up the thread