What are your best examples of gizmos?

I just saw this image with a gizmo, and it really stood out.

It would be cool to see other images of gizmos posted here that work well, and get some critique on what makes them stand out.

Having used at least 3 or 4 pieces of software professionally and played with half a dozen more in my free time, blender 2.8 transform gizmos are some of the best I’ve seen out there. I do think the new light adjustment gizmos could use some love and it would be nice to have some modifier gizmos.

Do you have example images of gizmos in other software that are worse, with an explanation of why?

Just to be clear, the gizmos in all of the software are fairly close to each other, this isn’t a dig at Blenders gizmos, which I think are great, it’s to see what slight improvements could be considered.

For me in the image above, the fading out of the gizmos give it a great feeling of depth in the scene, and ironically give it a more solid presence. Maybe the fading helps separate the tool functionality from the actual rendering in a subtle way.